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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Phrases That Make My Skin Crawl

"You've gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet".

That's one of those catchy, 'responsible adult' things you hear from the Sensible Conservatives, along with 'fiscal responsibility' and 'sharing the burden'.

Here's what those phrases really mean as well as what they should mean.

Because these particular phrases are an unholy pantsload of complete bullshit sometimes difficult to understand fully.

Breaking a few eggs to make an omelet really means that once they're done messing with the budget and social programs, a lot of people who need help will not get it. And by 'not getting the help they need', I mean they will actually die from lack of healthcare, actually starve from lack of food and actually be homeless for lack of shelter. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that 'that sort of thing could never happen in AMERICA' because it happens every damn day, and if you don't know that you are living in a dream world of unicorns and know- like us liberals are accused of because we want to make sure that Americans don't die of shit they don't have to die of like lack of healthcare, food and shelter.

Here's what 'breaking a few eggs to make an omelet' should mean- It should mean that those who have eggs to spare pony up and toss 'em into the omelet. Social security cap of $113,000? Gone. If we took (as in taxed) everything- even a fraction of a percent- social security would be not only solvent, but leaping for joy. A .05% tax on $200,000 would be a whopping $100 a year. You cannot tell me that anyone would MISS $100 out of $200,000. Back in 2010, 4.5 million Americans made over $200,000. That would be 450 MILLION extra dollars into the social security fund...just by taking $100 from the FIRST $200,000. Someone who makes $1,000,000 a year would have to pay a whopping extra $500. The horror.

Fiscal responsibility is something we hear a whole lot of. So much that according to some, being fiscally responsible overrides everything else- taking care of our people, making sure our bridges don't crumble while being driven on, everything. Well, except for the military. They're somehow exempt. What it really means is that people just need to get used to the idea that the gravy train candy cane days of good pay and benefits and pensions are gone. For good. Just like that. And to question that or whine about it is not only unseemly and annoying, but fiscally irresponsible. Because what fiscally responsible family doesn't refuse to go to the grocery store and buy food when the bill for the home security system is due? Food? Health care? Shelter? Those are LUXURIES, kids- they're not RIGHTS. You're thinking of guns.

Here's what 'fiscal responsibility' should mean- It should mean that America takes care of its people who can't take care of themselves. Sick people, old people, children. Take care of them, period. Not with stipulations or 'proof' that they need it- 'proof' that they're sick and old and tiny and weak. Fiscal responsibility is using the financial resources you have for things that matter. It does not mean refusing to go to the grocery store because you promised the boys you'd go to Shreveport and gamble on the boats this weekend and if you back out now they'll call you pussywhipped and it should not mean gutting social programs and giving bailouts to corporations that are banking billions in profits because you're askeerd that they will 'take their business overseas'. Because if you aren't aware that they are already GONE, that their bank accounts and their employees and factories are already not still on our US soil, then your head is firmly lodged in your know- like us liberals are accused of when we question the wisdom of taking American land by eminent domain and giving it to foreign companies to run leaky pipelines over the aquifers that supply most of the farmland in America with water and will provide zero full time jobs for Americans for oil that is already contracted to be sold overseas.

Sharing the burden is a great one. What it really means is that while the corporations and really rich people (think of what you make and what everyone you know makes and times it by 100...that's not enough. That rich.) are paying lawyers and congressmen to be sure that they pay very little or nothing in taxes, people like you and I pay more to try to prop up the system they are making their billions from. See? Sharing.

Picture 2 people struggling to carry a really heavy box. Like a box of rocks. A third person comes up and offers to help. That person opens the box, takes out the smallest rock and puts it in his pocket, then sits on the box while the other 2 carry it.

*Sharing the burden*

What 'sharing the burden' should mean is that the 2 people carrying the box tip the smug asshole off of the box and pour the entire thing out, divide up the rocks equally and all three carry their share. Their FAIR SHARE. It's not Socialism, it's socialism and if you don't know the difference you're an ignorant propaganda-dazed moron who doesn't think past whatever the talking heads on TV and the radio tell know- like us liberals are accused of because we don't watch FOX or listen to Rush because those are the only ones 'brave enough to tell it like it is', unlike the liberal mainstream news which is a three word fallacy on all counts.

I was going to include it's high time the Republicans stood up against the mean old Democrats who run roughshod all over the US Constitution and strong-arm everything they want through the House and Senate, but I can't even type that without simultaneously laughing hysterically and throwing up a little in my mouth.

And that's a dangerous mix.

For a glimpse of how the world is really working for everyday ordinary Americans, please see


  1. I have to respectfully disagree..I am a conservative and what fiscal responsibility means is to spend what you have and not spend more then you any parent should teach their child and since the government has 0 dollars that means they take from others and they need to be even more fiscally responsible..but since it is others money they are more reckless..and Sharing the Burden does not mean what you means that you are allowing them to steal, yes steal money from others to give to whatever cause you feel is just..not what I feel is just since I earn the money but whatever the government feels is just..which is just silly, as if the government can decide what is best for my money but I can't..What conservatives to conserve..if you are low on conserve it..if you are low on conserve is not that hard..and the real reason we do not trust government with our money to do the right thing is because everything they have said they were going to do has be a nightmare...Social Security which you talk about was meant to help workers have a retirement..but guess what..politicians saw a big nice pot of OTHERS money and went and spent it on programs they liked to get more votes..not any grand I want to help anyone...just to get more votes..because if they really wanted to help people..why not use their own money..why steal mine to pay for things I might disagree with..The reason we fight so hard to have fiscal responsibly is because I earned my money, why should I not be the one to decide where it are my priorities better or worse then yours..the reason people fight so much over politics and money is because everyone should have the right to spend their money where they see fit..You may want to donate to older homeless people and maybe I want to donate to helping kids...the government has no reason to actually solve a problem as private charities do and private charities will weed out much of the abuses whereas government does not care..all they care about is making sure they spend every dime of their budget good or bad to justify their own department..not to actually help anyone..and my last thought is this as I know you may not agree with any of the above..but it is very easy for liberals to think they are helping someone by saying hey if others would just give more by having the government take more from them.but it is truly the conservative who puts thought into action and donates their time and money to a cause not just sitting back and letting someone else( the government) to do our charity work..I am not rich just a poor working family that is tired of being told where my money goes...Should I not be the one that decides that as I earned it?

  2. Thank you for your thoughts on this, and they are all very reasonable.
    I think one big problem is that there is (I hope) a HUGE moderate center- one that all agrees we need to be compassionate AND financially aware, that is virtually silent while all the 'squeaky wheels' get the air time and recognition.
    Actually, what I wrote has not one thing with taking YOUR money. Nothing.
    Right now the conservatives are fighting to keep poor people from getting something they 'don't deserve' while being blind to the bonuses and favors and bailouts that corporations receive of OUR money when they're already billions of dollars ahead.
    Are you fine with the head of Shell Oil getting YOUR money that you could spend on your family or the charity of your choice?
    And I respectfully disagree with leaving charity in the hands of the private sector- the private sector is who looks to the bottom line only- look at health insurance companies. They're not evil, they're businesses. It's their job to take in as much as they can in premiums and pay out as little as possible in claims. That's business.
    It also means literal life or death to many people every day. We've been a Cancer Family for over a decade- we've seen it, and almost lived it.
    Private charities are great...if you are in their radar and/or meet their specifications for help.
    We're a poor working family who is sick of subsidizing huge corporations.
    As a last aside- if we had true single payer universal health care, our family would have much more of our money- right now fully 18% of our GROSS income goes towards health insurance premiums alone. Yes, please TAX us 10% to pay for universal health care that everyone could have. We'd be far ahead."
    I'm not sure where you get the idea that conservatives are the only ones with 'boots on the ground' as far as helping others- I'm going to assume you didn't mean that as a blanket statement about liberals.

  3. I think we will have to agree to disagree and here is why.. I do agree people should be compassionate but I do not agree using government force is compassionate at all..Compassion is for me to decide where I want my money to go not which programs the government wants, that is not compassion that is theft.. And I am sorry but I do feel you asked for my want health insurance for all..which means my money will be taken even if I disagree again that is not compassion that is theft. No conservative I know is fighting for people to not have money..they are actually fighting for everyone to keep their own money which is the way it should be.. and on your note about bailout and subsides, that is not big bad business, that was only done because of the real world all of those businesses that had bad business models would have went bankrupt..and someone with a better business model would have bought the assets and built even better companies..or they too would have had the same I can't blame business as they can't steal my money..only government can...I would not have bailed out any of them except I was forced to by government,, And private charity is the way to go. Profit is not bad as if you work you go to make a profit but no one says that is bad..but for a business to make a profit is? I want them to make a profit and continue to make one as that means their business model is good and I want to be a part of it.. As for Healthcare I am fine with you VOLUNTARILY giving your money to pay for health care..but that is not the issue..the issue is they want to force me to buy their product and pay for others products and that is alien to everything that made this country great..and on that note..I might respect the government health care if we had given the free market a fair shake, but guess what there is no free market in health care, so before we say it is bad we should actually give it a try, I'm pretty sure you are going to say that we do have a free market healthcare and that is why we are in the mess we are in and I say no way! Do you know that you can only buy health insurance in your own state, if there is only 2 companies that is your choice..A or B..Like I can buy car insurance from anywhere in the country but can't cross state lines to buy health care insurance!!! That is not free market..that is government meddling where they do not belong,also government has mandated what health insurance will cover...that is not me picking the best coverage for my situation with the best rates as the free market would allow..but once again the government meddling. I do not think you understand that yes even though your cancer issues will be covered under a government plan...that with everyone FORCED to buy into a plan that means every single person is going to want to see the Dr.'s for everything..I am paying for it so why would I not go..So even though your cancer will be covered..will it matter when you no longer get in the same day or same week, but now have to wait months and maybe even years for an appointment.,.My mom married an English man and she had to wait 2 years to be seen for her skin cancer and scary enough he had to buy insurance to actually get seen so the government insurance did nothing but take his money. Also, what about if you could not wait that long and die in the it better that you had coverage but could not se a Dr. to use it.. And on the last note..I guess I have a problem with people advocating more and more money being taken because when I ask anyone that advocates this to please practice what you preach and show me the check to the government that you have donated..I have never ever got one picture back with a copy of the check.. so before anyone advocates more of my or others money going where they want..they need to put up and donate is the website if you would like to show me the check you sent..I would at least understand that you are trying to do your part..

  4. The entire town of West TX just blew up because Texas has precious little oversight as far as safety in manufacturing and safety for the workers.

    They hadn't been inspected for years and the last time they were they were fined less than $100 for their violations and never checked again.

    That's your free market vision of perfection- how can you possibly think that given free rein companies and businesses will be ethical and moral when a business is in business for one reason- to make money.

    Government 'force'? You don't want government 'force' to 'take your money'. Fabulous. Please don't send your kids to public school, use the public library, public roads, or go to public parks, and if your house catches on fire don't call the public fire department.

    It's not 'force'- you are living in the society and use its stuff every single day.

    When you go to a restaurant with friends and split the tab is it 'force' when someone other than yourself calculates the amount each person should put in the kitty?

    All I'm hearing from you is 'mine mine mine'- MY money, MY taxes, MY choices.

    And yet you have no problem living in and taking advantage of this society.

    For an ideology that stresses personal responsibility, ya'll have a funny way of expressing it.