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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Phone Blogging- Like Drunk Texting Without the Spelling Accuracy

So I'm blogging on my phone while Alec is swimming. I haven't had time to do much of anything in my 'normal' routine lately, because Ward is suffering from a mystery foot issue- with his medical history there could be no less than four causes for him to be so crippled up he can barely walk and can't drive, but they are treating it as though it's 'all of the above' and hopefully soon...

Here's the thing that I want to make abundantly clear.

People are always complimenting me on how much I manage to get done.

Ward is always telling me how horrible it makes him feel that I'm so busy and he 'sits at home doing nothing'.

I'm here to tell you- I could not do a tiny fraction of what I do without being secure in the fact that Ward is taking care of the daily grind- the feeding and care of most of the pets and people on our place, the tending of the gardens, running Alec to swinming and art class and social dates every single day, sweeping and steaming the floors that are always sandy from outside, just the never-freaking ending pile of dishes in the sink...shit I never ever even think about- *poof* all done every day without fanfare or complaint.

Ward is and has always been my knight in shining armor- more now than almost 20 years ago when we met and he nurtured me through depression and poverty and despair- all the things that go with the end of even the most miserable marriage.

He's amazing, and courageous, and so incredibly sexy.

And I never want to hear him say "I just stay home and don't do anything to help" again.

Because Gomez?

Your 'doing nothing all day' is absolutely kicking my ass.

I love you.

PS- for those who don't know us and the absolutely amazing man my husband is- here-

Oh. It's also about being a cancer family.

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