photo by Sheri Dixon

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

To My Moderate Conservative Friends and Family...

...Nope. This is not another rant about how odious the man you voted into office is. Not that I don't think he's still odious, because of course he is. And unqualified and a liar and everything else I've ever said about him multiplied by a million since the inauguration.

But it's too fucking late, isn't it? You "won" and we "lost". This isn't about that, either, no matter how much your talking heads tell you it is- how much they vilify us- your friends and family who you KNOW are strong and loving and smart- you know us. You know what each of us has been thru personally and you know that we are driven and passionate about things that have affected our families and ourselves and our friends---even YOU. We have fought for you many times and will continue to do so.

The Women's Marches should have been a hint for you- worldwide objection to the man you put in office. But you made fun of them and yawned.

The ongoing, not-quitting, pushback to his Muslim ban, his executive orders that are poorly written and ill-thought out, his rejection of experience and preference for chaos...every day is a jarring, reeling descent into someplace America has never gone before.

This isn't drama. Obama never did this. Hillary would not have done it. W didn't do it. Even Skeletor Reagan didn't do this.

I know the entire election was one big contentious, exhausting, mind-numbing marathon and that on election day you went into that booth, held your nose, closed your eyes and pulled that lever for "Trump (R)", came out needing a shower and never wanted to think about it again.

And I'm sorry. But you can't do that.

If you love this nation even a fraction as much as those of us out marching and training an eagle eye on everything this administration does, you- you yourselves, you Moderate Conservative Americans MUST be even MORE vigilant than we are. And when he and/or his administration or your own representatives do something you disagree with, you MUST speak up and tell them so and make no bones about how unhappy you are.

Because you see, every liberal in the nation can stand shoulder to shoulder and yell at the top of our lungs and it won't matter as much as if just a few of YOU say, "Wait a sec. This shit's not right!" because YOU are their voter base.

So, in a nutshell, we, your fellow Americans, friends and family, need you to PAY ATTENTION. You're the ones who voted for a Swamp Draining and willingly tossed a guy up there with exactly zero experience in public office. Zero. It's your JOB to make damn sure he and his administration stay on the straight and narrow. YOUR job. Not ours. Yours. It's YOUR job to train the new guy that you hired. Not ours. You told us it was totally cool and he could do this job. TRAIN. HIM.

Say, as a fer instance...the Muslim ban. I've heard some of you grudgingly admit that it wasn't thought out well and punished a bunch of people who didn't deserve it. SEND AN EMAIL TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TO SAY SO. TAKES 30 SECONDS.

Or the Wall. Remember that Wall the Mexico was gonna pay for? It's going to be paid for by "taxing imports" from Mexico. You know who will pay the increase in prices? Lemme give you a hint- NOT MEXICO.

Or repealing the ACA. Those of you who thought it would be fine because they're repealing Obamacare and not YOUR ACA plan? Holy crap, man...and they have nothing to replace it with. And they won't.

Just like we'll never see Trump's tax returns. Why the HELL are you giving him a pass on that??? Fun exercise- every time Trump does or says something, pretend it's Obama or Hillary saying it and see if you'd be OK with that.

Or that lovely rollback of the law that makes it difficult for people who have been diagnosed with severe mental issues to get a gun. EVERY ONE of my "gun nut" friends says that was the stupidest thing they ever heard of. I said, "Then you, as gun nuts, need to say something" and they said, "I did! I gave 'em a piece of my mind in the gun forum!"

Ummm...Bubba? That ain't gonna cut it. Yer gonna have to step out of your bubble, or bunker, or church, or wherever the hell you hole up at, and PAY FUCKING ATTENTION. And then when you see the new guy screw up? YOU need to call him out and set him straight. YOU. Not us. YOU.

Because this is YOUR dog you just put up there, and he's shitting all over the Constitution you claim to love.

Be adults. Don't double-down on insanity when (not if) you see something in the new administration that you disagree with. We don't want to see anyone suffer- even you. WHEN you see something not right and you speak up about it, we will think MORE of you, not less. I mean, we'll still say, "I fucking told you so" a few times, but we're just human, right? For the sake of your kids and grandkids- being bullheaded because you don't want to admit you were wrong is just not worth it.

And the rest of us will still fight every regressive, awful thing he or his minions (all Swamp Monsters so far, in case you missed that part)put out there. We will watch every move they make. Because this shit is kind of important.

And it should be to you, too.