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Monday, March 4, 2013

American Evolution- Adolescence of a Nation

*The following was written the day I put up the PREVIEW of this book- it hadn't even become available yet. I thought of taking it down because I sound almost as snarky as the detractors, but figured what the hell. Even an ol' treehugging hippiechick has the right to be pissed off every once in a while.

Just sorta chapped my hiney that because I say, "Yanno, maybe we should focus less on how handy our armaments will be and how many 'pieces of trash' we can blow away and more on things like large-scale hunger, and health issues, and poverty- all things that will rapidly get worse if there's a big societal shift, and realizing that being alive is much more than just avoiding being dead (and more likely at the hands of some trigger-happy fear-filled bozo than an actual 'bad guy')", and then lay out a fictitious story projecting some of those thoughts that a shit-storm ensues.

And then gets worse because I didn't fall down and whimper and bat my eyelashes at the sheer manliness of the onslaught of 'survivalist credentials' barrage given to justify the attack.


So I'm leaving it up. Because I believe that while there are some people 'on the left' who are truly passive and would really rather be mowed down or give up all their stuff than stand up to some bastards who think they can take it from those 'stupid hippies'

for most of us, they'll be unpleasantly surprised.

I guess what really pisses me off the most is that a mindset of "something bad is coming and we all need to pull together NOW to make a better society" is seen as silly and naive, but "I gotta get me some more ammo, cuz the zombies are coming- screw the world, I'm protecting myself and my own" is somehow brilliant and brave.

That pisses me off because it impedes any hope for humanity progressing, and almost ensures that we all suffer longer and worse for the short-sighted selfishness of that kind of attitude.

Anyhoo- it's available now from Amazon at the link below (Kindle and in paperback) and from my website (click on the cover of the book on the left side of this page) for a signed copy. I promise not to sign it with any cuss words unless specifically asked to. :)

Happy Apocalypse, ya'll.

I'm not sure why I'm already getting a mess of crap about this from people who haven't even read it.

First of all- it's FICTION, you twitchy defensive dumb-asses.

Secondly- you don't know me or my history and haven't even read the book.

Honestly, it's way more depressing and death-filled than a lot of the Mad Max zombie stories...but only because it has to do with real life and how things are much more likely go in the event of a societal collapse. Ya. You're more likely to get bad diarrhea and skin rashes from no soap and water than come across a roving band of zombies. Fix THAT with your AK.

I just read an email going around- written by a man who was in one of the Twin Towers on 9/11. He wrote it right after he got out of there so it was fresh in his mind. He wrote of the compassion of people, the kindness, the strength and the courage.

You can see it here-

Not panic. Not selfishness. Not savagery.

I can't think of a more stressful and sudden situation than that one was and yet people behaved BETTER than expected, not worse.

So take that and shove it up your ass, Zombie Survivalists.

Peace, love and kitten kisses.

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