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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Book Review "Damn You, Facebook"

So I was getting us all packed and whatnot for our week o' surgery that didn't happen but turned instead into a week o' cardiac shit down in Houston and I got an email from my blogger friend Annah. She said she'd written a little book and would I read it and if I liked it would I pass on the info to all my friends, family and any random strangers I met who were clutching a Kindle.

I told her I'd LOVE to read her book- she's smart and funny and gorgeous and fun and I read her blog whenever I need a smile.

So, like, every day.

I figured I'd read her book while I was in the waiting room for the 5+ hours Ward's surgery was supposed to be. Turned out I was in the waiting room zero minutes and the cafeteria about 20 minutes before they aborted that little mission and the rest of that day was pretty much a blur.

As was Wednesday.

And Thursday.

Thursday night I was catching up on interweb stuff and I said loudly enough to startle the boys "SHIT!!! I have a book to read!!!" and I smiled (even before opening it) because it's Annah's book and it was bound to make me smile.

And so it did.

Annah's a little wild, and a little irreverent, and she brings home any stray dog who crosses her path. So basically...she's me 35 years ago. If I had lived in Miami. And been Cuban. And gorgeous. Shut up.

Point is, if you want a fun little read that has illustrations...including NEKKID illustrations- this is it.

Seriously. Have I ever lied to you?

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