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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way


There seems to be a tad of interest in the idea of a 'liberal survivalist novel'.

I spent most of yesterday and a goodly amount of time today writing and was encouraged, nay- emboldened by people thinking it was a fine idea.

And I realized something as I read what I'd already written.

It was technically correct and I like the stories and characters.

But it was rather timid.

Not 'just' because it's being told by a squishy liberal instead of a steely-eyed conservative.

But because us squishy liberals are notoriously nice.

Let the GOP get into power and what happens? They run roughshod over everyone else, smacking the Dems with rolled up newspapers and pounding their chesties and hollering, "WE'RE in power now and WE do what we wanna!"

Let the Dems get a majority and what happens? "We will make every effort to come to a bipartisan agreement as we reach across the aisle".

Then the minority smacks 'em with rolled up newspapers and does what they wanna anyway.

All those other books about survival after the collapse of the US of A?

Written by and for people who are absolutely aching and throbbing to use their shiny big weapons on someone. They are NOT shy about who they are aiming at, either.

Did I mention that at one gun show I attended they were selling targets with Obama's face on them? This is the audience we're looking at.

Kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out- liberals, minorities, wimmen, gays, corporations, politicians- ALL OF 'EM! Leave only the REAL AMERICANS alive!

*Hang on- just threw up a little in my mouth*

Remember the last election?

Remember when Obama won re-election?

That was awesome in so many ways, and I don't even like a bunch of what he's doing and I really truly hate some of it.

It was awesome just for the looks on the faces of those who voted Romney. I seriously thought several people on Facebook would need to be medicated they were that frightened of what was going to happen NOW! that the evil Hitler Obama was (RE)elected. Like he hadn't just spent the last 4 years warming the chair in the Oval Office and we weren't all speaking Russian or praying to Allah.

And the liberals said, "Gloating is beneath us- lets have dignity and grace and just be quietly happy and look forward to the mid-terms, we've got a lot to do still".

I called bullshit.

I told my friends that for 24 hours we need to gloat, crow, fucking point and laugh.

We earned it, baby.

And so the book takes a turn.

The right wing gun culture end of the world fiction is FICTION- but it's what they wanna hear and what they think is gonna happen and how they really hope things turn out.

This one is ours.

This one is ours because we are NOT squishy and we are NOT cowards. A lot of us are armed and most of us have seen hard times and violence of one sort or the other. We are well aware that some people can be bad but we don't hide behind our bunkers or our guns which takes a helluvalot more courage.

This one is ours because I'm sick to death of being told that I "think everyone will just hold hands and eat granola".

I know I'm gonna get nailed to the wall for it.

I'm gonna get called all sorts of names and I'm gonna be told over and over again that I'm unrealistic. That I don't know how the real world works. That I'm silly and childish.

And I'll just smile.

Partly because I'm a squishy liberal who is way too nice.

But mostly because those will be the same people who get all excited about dressing up like army guys and devour book after book about Zombies.

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