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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Handy Test To Answer the Question "Why Don't They Like Us?"

Dear Avid Residents of the Gun Culture,

-After an awful gun-related tragedy, is your first reaction "Holy shit- now they're coming for MY guns" while everyone else is horrified and mourning?

-Did you follow that up by running out and buying up all the gun-related shit you could fit in your truck?

-Can you honestly look people in the eye and say, "Why yes- perhaps the lives of tens of thousands of innocent bystanders per year IS the price of freedom"?

-When there is a discussion about even the tiniest regulation on anything weapons related do you refuse to even participate without hollering "NO COMPROMISE- EVER!!!" and "MY guns never hurt nobody!!!" and "Why should *I* be punished for something someone else did?"

-Does this makes perfect sense to you-
"Iceland is nothing like America therefore what Iceland is doing to fix their financial problem will never work in America"
"Nazi Germany was nothing like America therefore what happened in Nazi Germany WILL POSITIVELY HAPPEN IN AMERICA".

-Do you believe that even though machine guns have been essentially banned for almost 100 years, the gun ban of 1994 was in place for a decade, and neither of those events even came close to starting a slippery slope to disarming America, but THIS time it's a gonna happen. For realsies.

-You're an expert on your demographic's INTERPRETATION of the 2nd Amendment, which you
a) know by heart, except for that first part about "well-regulated" and
b) can quote the Supreme Court ruling stating that YES IT DOES TOO pertain to individuals, but you don't recall anything about the part of that ruling stating that the government can STILL BAN CERTAIN WEAPONS

-Were you supportive of the many gun clubs raffling off Bushmasters right after Newtown to raise money to fight gun control?

-Did you attend a gun rally on Feb 23rd- which was chosen because that's .223- the ammo used in the weapon that basically allows mass murder to be easy as point and shoot?

-Is any American citizen who favors looking at some regulations concerning weapons a traitor and deserving of having no say in what goes on in this country?

-Will you fight to the death for your guns? How about equal rights for minorities? Women? Gays? Or universal health care? Or against the corporate purchase of our voting process? The taking of US soil for foreign business ventures (Keystone pipeline)? The poisoning and endangerment of our food and water sources by corporations and industry? Did your stop nodding after the first question mark?

After reading through the above thoughts can you really truly wonder why more Americans are not on your side regarding this issue?

Thank you for your patience and your time, and here's a little song that may help you in future discussions on this matter-

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