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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Answer Is No


The cure for violence is not more violence.

The answer to bad men with guns is not good men with guns.

Very few things are black or white.

People are not inanimate objects; numbers that can be added or subtracted and result in the same predictable solution. There are always gray areas.

I've been a victim of violence. I do not wish violence on the offender(s).

It's not a "turn the other cheek" thing. It's a humanity thing.

Revenge would solve nothing- and would make me a lesser human- because then *I* would be a violent human.

There was a mass shooting.

Why was the immediate response a huge run on the purchase of guns?

If you already had guns, why did you need more...NOW?

If you didn't have guns, why did you need any...NOW?

How did that make you safer?

How did that help the victims' families, other than a resounding slap in the face-

"This type of weapon just slaughtered your baby- I GOTTA GET ME ONE!!!"

I don't care what you say, or your alleged motivation- that is exactly what those families saw

-in the empty shelves of the gun stores

-in the rising prices on weapons and ammo

-in the 'gun appreciation' days and the raffles of that exact. same. weapon.

And they hear no apology from you that does not include a 'BUT'-

-We're sorry your child is dead BUT you can't blame the gun

-We're sorry that over 30,000 Americans are killed by guns every year BUT the 2nd Amendment is what keeps us safe and free (unless you're one of the 30,000 I guess)

-We're sorry that our fellow Americans who outnumber us don't agree with us BUT we want our guns, we've twisted the 2nd Amendment to agree with us, we've bought politicians and supreme court justices to agree with us and fuck the rest of you.

Our society is sick.

Our infatuation and devotion and worship of death are a symptom.

More of the same does not make a cure.

Guns don't kill people.

People kill people.

People with guns kill a lot of people easily and quickly.

The answer is no.


  1. These armchair warriors who insist that someone is coming for their guns...and that they have the 'right' to any weapon they wish in order to combat evil and tyrannical Nazi Obama (uh, Nazis are Aryans...who believe in the purity of the race...and hated/killed black/mixed race people)...have no idea what a violent revolution would look like. Are they really wanting an all out war within our country, killing millions (yes)...their neighbors, their family...destroying our infrastructure and economy...believe me, true evil will be what they get...It's totally absurdist reality...a fantasy video game world they believe will be fought from the comfort of their lazy boys...

    I would say the first thing is to put down your weapons...bury them if you are so paranoid as to believe this fantasy of yours may come least that will take the weapons out of circulation and may keep your children safer by keeping the guns away from them. Then...foster community...yeah, love your neighbor. Work towards liberty and justice for ALL...everyone in this nation. You cannot have liberty without justice...and we live in a very unjust society.

    Clean up the homicidal bitchin' that goes on in every kitchen.

    Peace does begin with each of us.

    Deliver us from fear, which is the true evil.

  2. I might add...I am a hunter...I am a combat veteran...I'm speaking of weapons which are not really used for hunting...I don't need anything more than a lever action .30-30 for my hunting, or a .22 rifle, a shotgun, and for personal protection a revolver...

    Those I wouldn't bury, but I'd keep them they can't be stolen or misused by some disturbed individual...lock them up until needed.

  3. Thank you, George- I'm so very honored to call you and Cheryl "friend".