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Monday, January 21, 2013

Calling All Strict Constitutionalists

Yanno what makes me crazy?

Well, sure. Thinking I've got a piece of hair in my eye and trying to get it out by reaching under my glasses and not being able to find where it's tangled up in my eyelashes and then taking my glasses off to really get after it only to think, "HEY! That knocked it loose and it's gone now" but then putting my glasses on and SHIT it's there again and repeating the above steps all damn day till I realize that the offending hair is attached TO my glasses.

That makes me crazy.

But OTHER than that.

It makes me crazy to watch an inaugural ceremony for the president of the United States of America and have a huge portion of it revolving around god.

Thanking god for this wonderful country and the opportunity we've all got to make it better.

Asking god for guidance to make the above a reality.

Finally a big-ass prayer to god begging his mercy and his grace so that our country is no longer divided ideologically and can come together as one nation...under god of course.

Geez, I must really hate god, huh?

Nope. Not at all. And even if I did, that's absolutely beside the point.

It makes me crazy that the same people who scream and holler about their 2nd Amendment rights and who say it's not about the GUNS, it's about being strict and patriotic CONSTITUTIONALISTS, AND (because I'm not letting the other side off scott-free, either) those who were horrified that Bachmann or Santorum were even considered for the highest office of the land because (among other disturbing lack-of-leadership-ability things) they stated that they considered GOD above the Constitution when making decisions for the COUNTRY...

...all those people absolutely loved the freaking hell out of today's god-filled extravaganza inauguration.

Because this is just one more little nugget of proof that their argument is complete and total bullshit.

The United States of America is NOT a Christian nation, no matter how much anyone may want it to be.

Yes, the majority of people IN the United States are, in fact, Christian.

But we are NOT a Christian nation by order of our Constitution- in fact we are to have NO state religion according to that self same document.

A subtle but hella important difference.

So, to ME- silly old woman that I am- the President should NOT swear on a bible, there should be NO invocation by ANY religious leader, and there should be NO mention of any god whatsoever by our president or vice president AT THE INAUGURATION.

Beyonce can still sing the National Anthem though, she did a fabulous job.

If they wanna go to church afterwards (or before) for a prayer and a blessing?

Go for it.

But DURING the ceremony? Absolutely not.

Separation of Church and State.

Our forefathers thought that was important enough to make that "freedom of religion" thing part of the FIRST Amendment

Even before guns and shit.

And the whole "beseeching your guidance to bring our country together" thing?

That's part of the damn problem- asking the Christian god for help in bringing together a country that's divided by great chasms of theological differences is the opposite of helpful or uniting to the huge numbers of actual Americans who don't happen to worship him.

Oh, I know- President Obama has a hard enough time as it is with all the Muslim Kenyan bullshit and I'm sure he just wants to remind folks that he IS after all, a Christian and an American.

But yanno what? The idiots who believe he's a Kenyan Muslim won't believe today's efforts to prove otherwise.

I'm waiting to hear the "SEE??? See how hard he tried to look NORMAL??? That's PROOF he's a damn Muslim!" crap that's poised to blow out the interwebs like 10 pounds of cheese in a five pound dog after a generous dose of laxative.

Because here's what makes me craziest of all-

President Obama's mother was an American citizen. He'd be an American citizen if he'd been born on another planet.

And even if he WERE a Muslim? There's not a damn thing about that that would render him ineligible for office. Nothing.


But where are our strict Constitutionalist patriots?

Oh, I know.

They must be busy disassembling that also-illegal standing armed forces.

That must be it.

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