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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Dreaded Annual Holiday Letter


Happy Holidays from sunny, warm Texas- I put up the Christmas decorations today in bare feet and a tank top- it was almost 80 and picture perfect! You’d think after growing up in Wisconsin I’d feel all nostalgic about decorating in the ice cold or freezing rain, but yanno, not really at all.

We actually had a pretty laid back year for once and that’s A-OK. No big vacations, no stressful trips to MD Anderson.

Ward’s doing great- his teeth are giving him trouble now from the radiation he had at the beginning of this whole cancer-thing, but the dental department at MD Anderson is formulating a plan to fix him right up without endangering that very precious and hard-won graft.

Alec is participating in Friday Homeschool Co-op classes in Denton, which is 6 hours of driving for 4 hours of class, but it’s well worth it. He’s taking acoustic guitar lessons and is on the Athens community center swim team, as well as still taking art class every Wednesday afternoon. He’s going to be THIRTEEN in February and has some sort of fur on his upper lip. I can barely see it since he’s several inches taller than I am now.

Erika and her husband Dave celebrated their one year anniversary and she’s still working on The Hill as a Legislative Director. After recovering from a running injury, she’s faster than ever.

Son Dave and his beautiful girlfriend Kristin got engaged…date to be determined.

Joe didn’t make his annual trip to Montana this summer because Edna got pneumonia in August, but he’s already planning for next summer. He’s started writing adventure stories and posting them on Kindle- he sells over 1,000 per month and is listed as a top #100 adventure author right along with the “big guys” whose books make the NYTimes Bestseller’s List.

Edna turned 93. She got a touch of pneumonia, checked herself out of the hospital AMA and 3 days later was sitting at her kitchen table eating pizza and drinking a beer. Her garden kept us in okra and tomatoes for months, and her roses are just beautiful.

Nothing new for me, just in deeper with all the old stuff- I’m simultaneously furthering my managerial training and implementing a lot of improvements at the clinic and working towards both marketing my existing books (now available from Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble online, eBay, and at least 20 other online bookstores in a dozen countries worldwide) as well as starting new writing projects. It’s all right here-

We took a few mini-trips- to Missouri for the annual fall Gathering (and had the spring gathering here at our farm), to NASA for our aspiring aeronautics engineer, and to Galveston for me. Ahhh…Galveston.

The farm ebbs and flows; we lost our old cat Oz at almost 18 years old, 2 of our older goats and our newest but beloved Beau, a gorgeous guardian dog who died of congenital kidney failure at only 3 years old. But we have new kittyboys Fred and Leopold, 2 new nanny goats and a new guard dog- Dixiedawg the pyr, who helps Sugarbearmarshmallowdog and Wendy the beagle keep the monsters away. Shar the Arabian mare turned 20 this spring, and we’re babysitting our ‘adopted’ son Jordan’s dog Sissy while he’s overseas. The guinea pigs continue unabated.

Wishing all of you a very happy Holiday, and a New Year filled with love and happiness!

The Dixons

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