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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is the Tea Party Over?

This question has been posed ever since the election, usually with the assumption that the answer is, "YES- The Tea Party is toast, over, done, obliterated, kaput".

Well, I don't think it's quite that straightforward.

On the surface (and pretty much anywhere people aren't neck-deep in a Red State), the election seemed a huge victory for anything non-Tea Party. Not only the "big one", the victory of President Obama by a clear majority of the people and a truly overwhelming majority of the electoral votes, but almost more importantly- everywhere else.

Everywhere else.

Women gained huge inroads- the New Hampshire top slots are all female right now- governor, congresspeople and senators- all women for the first time in our history. Even Texas elected a female supreme court justice- TEXAS.

Minorities of every type won elections everywhere, and our representatives are for the very first time in our history much more...representative of America.

That's astounding.

And a very good thing.

Unless you're a Tea Partier. (I won't call them "Teabaggers" because I try not to sink to the same level of those who call our president a Kenyan Muslim Imposter Nigger in the White House)

If you're a member of the Tea Party, what happened is not a good thing, it's a very real threat. Even though every single newly-elected official who is NOT an old rich white dude has roughly 250% more in common with your average Tea Partier than any old rich white dude, that's not the point.

The POINT is that the Tea Party, which streamed into DC in '10 thinking they were the Mongol Horde and Knights on White Horses all rolled into one, was unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

Which is humiliating.

Lets re-examine the Tea Party- 100% white folks who believe that 'others' are stealing America and ruining it. Welfare mamas (who are always black in the images even though 61% of those on 'the welfare' are white), Mexicans, Gays, A-rabs, ATHEISTS are purposely ruining America and it's time to TAKE IT BACK.

That every one of the above heinous groups of people ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS is apparently immaterial.

They're big on the 2nd Amendment (their own interpretation of it, anyway) and tend to be heavily and aggressively armed (the whole "You can pry my gun out of my cold dead hands" group).

They're not so big on the 1st Amendment which states quite clearly that our country does not and never should have a national religion...meaning that at no time should our country be run under Sharia Law of Islam OR BIBLICAL LAW OF CHRISTIANITY.

They sincerely, honestly, rabidly want to "take the country back" to protect their guns and their God.

They sincerely, honestly, rabidly are happily armed and willing to wage a Righteous War in order to do so.

There's a word for's right on the tip of my tongue...oh, ya-


The Tea Party has suffered humiliation and is licking its wounds. But it's far from gone.

Remember "Blazing Saddles"? The character Mongo? Remember Gene Wilder screaming, "Don't shoot him- you'll just piss him off!"?

We've just shot Mongo.

The Tea Party is now more sure than ever that America needs them.

The Tea Party was humiliated and is pissed off and where before they were merely intent on "taking back America" from the godless, liberal, commie, socialist, niggers, spics, feminists, fags and anyone else who isn't them

NOW they need to also avenge the humiliation.

And here's the really funny part.

The Tea Party was and is funded by the very corporations that are oppressing and raping them. *I know we all know that, but apparently they still don't.

Guess who else was humiliated and amazed by the election results?

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Tea Party will have ample, unlimited funds to wreak whatever havoc they want to on the rest of us.

It started the very minute the election tipped in the direction of Obama- FOX News started hyperventilating and having goddamn seizures about "the end of traditional America". You mean the America where women and minorities are treated like shit and the big corporations call all the shots? FANFUCKINGTASTIC! About damn time!

Of course they see it a little differently.

Is the Tea Party Over?

Shit, no. They are more fanatical and dangerous than ever, and they're being prodded, goaded, wheedled and cajoled into even bigger throes of hatred.

And with the new look of the elected officials, who represent all of us while inadvertently standing for everything the Tea Partiers are willing to die and kill for, I guess their new motto will be

"Death to America".

Oh, wait.

That's been used.

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