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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anti-Regulation Americans, My Fellow Americans

Yanno what would really be a big help to our country right now?

It would be a big help if every time the phrase "gun legislation" comes up you wouldn't start foaming at the mouth and screaming "NO ONE IS TAKING MY GUNS!"

Because honestly? Very, very few people want all yer damn guns- even in the wake of such a horrific tragedy.

I would consider it a tremendous favor if you could stop hollering "GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE- PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!"

Especially when your leader gets up in front of god and everybody and says "Violent video games and movies killed those children". (I can't remember if that was before or after the douchebag-supremo comment about "You know who stops bad guys with guns? Good guys with guns" and offering the illegal as hell, vigilante services of his own private militia to protect our children. No thanks, asshole.)

It would be great if you didn't read or listen to someone who gives 'street cred' to their comments in favor of regulations of firearms- credentials like being members of the NRA, or being current or former active duty military, or being current or former law officers, or just having grown up hunting with their dads and granddads- things that show they DON'T hate guns...but since they utter ONE word in favor of tightening gun ownership regulations you scream, "HE'S NOT A 'GUN GUY'- HE'S A TOOL FOR THE LIBERAL AGENDA".

It would be awesome if you didn't insist that the MAIN REASON for the un-registered and un-traceable armaments you've got stored up secretly is so you- the Armed Citizens- can band together and overthrow a tyrannical government and its nefarious plans.


When ya'll gonna start???

When Wall St. tanks the economy?

When Monsanto poisons all of us??

When foreign companies take American land for a pipeline that won't do a damn thing for America???

Oh, wait- TOO FUCKING LATE on all counts!!!

And when American citizens- hundreds of thousands of 'em- mothers, fathers, veterans, children and grandparents, took to the streets to protest those very-real dangers to everyone's life, liberty and justice ya'll sat on yer guns and growled, "Damn dirty hippies- they need to take a shower and get a job".

Leaving me to deduce that the only tyranny MOST 'gun guys' are worried about is from SOMEONE THREATENING TO TAKE THEIR DAMN GUNS.

It pisses me (an American citizen, remember) way the hell off when I can't have a rational discussion about the 2nd Amendment and its INTERPRETATION- because the anti-regulation people will NOT listen to anything but how THEIR interpretation is correct and everyone else can get fucked.

On accounta it's sort of in MY constitution as well.

It REALLY pisses me off (still being an American citizen) when I'm told "IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE CONSTITUTION- GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA".

Because I do like the constitution just fine, thank you. And I happen to love America (again- MY country, too) and it angers me to see it turn into a dangerous third world shit-hole (you know- like you say the rest of the world is...but it's not).

And just like the bible is interpreted in many different ways, so is the US Constitution. By Americans.

Like me.

Who live in America and love it just as deeply and strongly as you do.


We live in a democracy. That means that

-NO, we will NOT use the holy bible as our book of law- that would be a THEOCRACY


-NO, we will NOT allow your perceived "Right" to own an un-registered weapon that's sole purpose is to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time to stand in the way of, I dunno- my right to NOT BE KILLED BY YOUR DAMN GUN or one just like it. Because thinking that THAT is freedom is not democracy, either. It's lunacy.

No other civilized country in the world has such lax regulations on firearms- none. And yet not a one of them has a fraction of the crime, the violence, the incarceration rate that we do. It's not because they're oppressed and their freedoms are stifled. It's because they don't have the same weapons fetish the NRA has foisted on the American gun culture since the mid '70's.

Before then, the NRA was PRO-regulation. It was a hunter support and training organization. You won't see a single mention of the 2nd Amendment in their monthly magazine till then.

Yes. 50 years. Not 200 years. That's how long Americans have screamed "2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS- TAKE MY GUNS OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HAND!" It's a marketing ploy.

Just like "In God We Trust" and "One Nation Under God" was added to our currency and Pledge in the '50's. During the Red Scare. Not 200 years ago.

And it's worked fabulously. We have a nation of apparently amnesia-ridden religious zealot, heavily armed gun fanatics. Hooray.

I refuse to get into a semantics pissing match about how "when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns" because see above about NO ONE WANTS ALL YOUR DAMN GUNS.

I'm sorry, really sorry that you feel like your personal arsenal will someday wing the USA to freedom, that somehow you've fought tooth and nail to preserve what you feel is a god-given right (funny, because god's not in the constitution, either).

IF the 2nd Amendment guarantees citizens to own the same weapons as the military (which it doesn't) then we all need drones and missile launchers and tanks. Because no way anything you got will be able to stand against the wimpiest thing the US military can toss your way.

Just ask (fill in the blank with the name of any nation we've bombed the shit out of for no good reason).

IF there's really a conspiracy to get the entire planet on a one-world order ticket to slavery and submission, whatever you got will not stop it. I suggest that you've been feeding that beast by buying up all those weapons and ammo since most of the gun manufacturers are owned by just one or two corporations.

They're LETTING you have them. They're encouraging you to buy them and pocketing your money. When it's no longer profitable for you to have them, they'll come and take them. With the flick of a switch, America can be without fuel, power, internet, water. How are you going to fight THAT?

IF there's really a conspiracy so that "every time gun legislation comes up there just 'happens' to be a mass shooting and isn't that strange?" I've got horrible and chilling news for you. Who profits most from such a tragedy? The liberals? The gun control lobby? Or whoever gets all the cash from the run on all guns and ammo when the call goes out to "GET IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!"?

Stop feeding the beast.

Stop feeding the main beast who is not the NRA, not the government, not the CIA and not the goddamn liberal patchouli-smelling hippies.

The main beast is fear.

Fear breeds division, hatred, suspicion, insanity. We're there, in case you haven't noticed.

You are my fellow Americans. I am your fellow American.

This is OUR country.

Don't listen to the man behind the curtain who hisses, "ANY REGULATION IS THE BEGINNING OF THE SLIPPERY SLOPE INTO SLAVERY! LIVE FREE OR DIE!"

We're a democracy. Looks to me like a whole lot of us want to be at least as civilized as the rest of the world...and this is OUR country, too.


OUR side is not telling YOUR side to hand us all your guns. We're not. Listen to US and not FOX News, not World Net Daily, not the NRA and for gawd's sake not that ridiculous Alex Jones. That way madmen lie and madness lies.

Our original Pledge of Allegiance was a thing of beauty, and it's what I personally recite when people all around me at some event put their hands over their hearts and stare at the flag. It was written by a Baptist minister, who PURPOSELY left out any mention of god. It's simple, and powerful, and perfect

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
And To the republic
For which it stands
One nation
With liberty and justice for all.

We're divided, ya'll. It's only taken 60 years or so to crush this nation from within. God and Guns.

Those two clarion calls those on the Right hold so dear are flat NOT supposed to be what they are right now.

They were NOT what they are right now when the founding fathers penned the constitution.

We are living the collapse the founders feared.

And we're being told that it's from a lack of the very things that will be our destruction.

Put down the bible. Lay down the gun. Stand up for America.

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