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Friday, May 11, 2012

...With Liberty and Justice for All

So the President up and came out and said out loud and in front of everybody (if in a round-about and halting way) that he no longer opposes gay marriage.

That's fabulous.

Now, can we please move on? Just like the whole abortion/contraception debate, this is stuff that shouldn't even be part and parcel of who runs our country.

Not because it's not important- because it's VERY important- but because it SHOULD be a given. There shouldn't even be a discussion about it. ALL people deserve the same rights as other people- it says so right in that dusty old document the Tea Party prances out after making sure the part they agree with is face up and all the other parts face down. They're RIGHTS for criminy's sake- not perks, not gifts, not favors dependent on who is signing bills into laws.


To "debate" the rightness or wrongness of this stuff is asinine.

If you are against anything "gay", you have a right to your own opinion and belief. You may not limit what gay people do according to whether or not you yourself find it repugnant, weird, un-natural or (more likely) disturbingly arousing. Don't try to say it's against the law because your holy book says so. Your holy book also says a woman must be a virgin when she marries or she needs to be killed. If you insist on the literal interpretation of your holy book, you can't pick and choose. As far as I can tell, that leaves me with exactly ZERO female friends and relatives left alive, including the religious ones, and a shitload of funerals to attend.

If you are against abortion and/or contraception, you have a right to your own opinion and belief. As of Roe v Wade, abortion is NOT a crime. According to common sense, contraception is a damn good way to avoid needing abortion services- I'd posit that it's actually the BEST guarantee of it. Abstinence-based sex education is a good idea in theory, but doesn't work. (see above re: all my female friends and relatives would be dead).

Here's the thing.

Pushing a "bible based social agenda" is a really really bad idea.

As well as a really really un-American idea.

Any government based on any ANY ANY religious doctrine is NOT a "freedom and liberty for all" government, plain and simple.

Practice your religion. Display the 10 Commandments, the Nativity, the Crucifix in your church, on the church lawn, on your own lawn, plastered all over your car and person.

Keep it the hell out of and off of public property. Just because it's YOUR religious paraphernalia, doesn't mean it's everyone's. We promise we won't sneak in at night and draw mustaches on Mary and the Baby Jesus.

Because we respect your stuff on your property.

Unlike the terrorists who kill doctors and blow up family-planning clinics. I can't even say "abortion clinics" because the last 2 that were set aflame here in Texas by fire-in-the-belly small-c Jesus-wept christians did not even provide abortions at those locations. Dumbasses.

We want to teach our kids how WE think is the right and correct way to live. Go to the church of our choice. Have a marriage the way we believe it should be. Make personal decisions without fear of judgment or retaliation. Vote our conscience. This is America and we should be able to do all the above without fear of being persecuted or disrespected.

^^^See that?^^^

That's what I hear from fundamental Christians.

It's also what the gay community has been saying.

And those who support the absolutely legal and needed Planned Parenthood.

See how that works?

Pretty nifty, huh?

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