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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Thing Led to Another

Today was May Day, a day that Occupy called for a General Strike- No Work, No School, No Banking, No Shopping.

Sounded like a good idea. Show of solidarity.

One of the graphics, the one I liked best, to advertise it was this-

which led to a dinnertime discussion last night about Bartleby the Scrivener, and the importance of realizing that you do have control of your fate no matter how powerless you seem to be, and that the determination of one focused soul trumps money and business acumen

which led to the observation that Bartleby did not live happily ever after, because he starved to death in prison.

Today was "date day" for Alec and me- we generally go out to eat and run a few errands and do something fun, but I told him he needed to think of something that followed the above rules- No Work, No School, No Banking, No Shopping.

Then I realized that today was also pay day, meaning I HAD to go to work because my employees needed to be paid no matter my personal beliefs

which led to a discussion about Alec's conviction regarding the whole May Day General Strike thing and that if he didn't believe in it why COULDN'T we go out to eat and shop?

I told him that I could not impose my personal beliefs on my employees, but I still CAN impose them on him

which led to the observation that that sucked.

So we reached a compromise that pleased us both- we'd go to work just long enough to do payroll, then only go places that were locally owned- no chains allowed.

Strike the corporations and chains, support the local businesses- Win/Win.

After doing payroll and on our way to lunch (local Mexican place that serves MEXICAN food, not TexMex) we were discussing a comment I'd read that gave credit to George Bush for the death of Osama bin Laden, even though he'd been out of office several YEARS prior. My contention was that truth be told, the CREDIT goes to the military intel and the actual Seals and their support- all the president (ANY president) had to do was nod. It's not like he himself was over there with a bloodhound turning over rocks looking for bin Laden.

which led to Alec saying that he just read that bears have a sense of smell that is 7 times better than a bloodhound, and wondering if maybe they should train bears to track people

which led to the observation that if they trained GRIZZLY bears to track criminals they could forego the whole "bloodhound finds 'em/german shepherd takes 'em down" scenario- you'd just need one all-purpose animal.

I love Tuesdays.


  1. you just never know where things will lead when you have a convo with Alec!

  2. Alex and Sheri for the next presidential election!!!! They'll solve our problems...