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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Not Just Cinco de Mayo This Year

So May 5th is the National Day of Prayer.

I'm OK with that. If people want to pray to the god of their choice in the place of worship of their choice I say "Go for it- say 'hi' to God for me".

Here's what I'm NOT OK with.

I'm not OK with it being mandatory that everyone from me to the President acknowledge the day by, yanno- praying a prayer of Christan faith.

By its very definition, a National Day of Prayer is wildly UN-constitutional. I don't think I could find a more obvious NON-separation of church and state if...well, hell- I can't even THINK of a more obvious NON-separation of church and state.

But if you MUST have a National Day of Prayer, at the very least it should be inclusive, meaning TRULY a day to worship the god of your choice and belief.

In other words- no whining about Muslims praying that day- no assumptions that they are asking Allah to smite the Christians and Death to America, even though the Christian god is clearly getting plenty of requests to smite the Muslims and Death to Islam.

I'm attaching a video- I don't know if it's going to be aired to the general public, or just to the Christian public, but either way it's sorta crazy scary.

And at least to me, very offensive.

Like, all you need to do is pray. To the Christan God. And the black storm clouds will spare you.

So all those people in every natural disaster who died did so because they didn't pray hard enough, often enough or the right way?


I guess I'm a little twitchier today about this stuff than I was say...a year ago. When Ward was so sick- in intensive care and the doctors couldn't tell me when he'd wake up or IF he'd wake up, I had one friend say something to me that absolutely froze my heart.

I know she didn't mean it judgmentally. I know she loves me. I know she said it out of her very deep and real faith and I could hear the kindness and concern in her voice and I know knowing ME how hard it was for her to voice the words. I love this friend.

It was something like "Maybe Ward's being so sick is God's way of telling you it's time for you to get right with Him- turn back to Him."

My immediate (and still to this day) reaction, said sincerely and from my heart and without venom was "If your God is the type of god who would make MY family suffer to punish ME, I want nothing to do with him".

(Actually, according to the bible- the God of Abraham IS the type of god who makes good people named Job suffer to win a bet with Satan).

Anyway, this video rubs me all kinds of wrong so I was compelled to share it with ya'll. I've not tried to embed a video before- my guess is you'll have to go to the bottom of the page and turn down the playlist music first. Sorry 'bout that.

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