photo by Sheri Dixon

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Week and Counting

In theory, one week from right now, thanks to the efforts of a burly moving crew employed to be here at 8am Tuesday next, we'll be sitting in our new house with our furniture surrounding us.

In theory, we will also have bathroom facilities, running water, lights, and heat even though none of that is a reality as of this writing.

Oh, the animals will still be here at the old house till the fences are complete, and 99% of our clothing, dishes, knick knacks and books will move room by room, box by box, absolute favorites first and working our way down till the new house looks finished- then that's it. No more may pass.

We probably won't have TV or internet hookups yet and we're leaving Joe here to guard all our debris.

I have high hopes of going through it all and dividing the chosen from the left-behinds, holding some sort of True Rummage sale (no sorting or pricing- just root through the mess and ask me "Hey- what do you want for THIS?"), donating/dumpstering the remains and doing a general hose-down of the place well before our turnover date of February 1st.

And that'll be that.

This grand old house will pass from our care to someone elses'- and we won't be coming Home to Here anymore- Home will be There.

After 15 years, the road Home will be different. Familiar, similar, but different.

For 15 years, these walls, this roof, embraced first me as a single woman, then myself and Ward as a new couple, saw the birth of Alec right here, was our refuge in sickness and health, in good times and bad.

Built in 1890, our occupancy only amounts to 13% of its age so far- so much history before us, so much more to come.

I'm not whining, and I'm not complaining. This move, this new place, this transition, is something we've worked very hard for and waited a long time for, and we're all excited about it- the new Home will be a perfect fit for us...forever.

I just hope our old house knows how much we love it and how very grateful we are for its shelter and protection, for its lessons on how a structure should be built for climate control using natural ventilation, taking advantage of natural lighting via window placement, but most of all for its very real sense of Home.


  1. A song just for you....

    Video, not so much; song, everything.

  2. Home, where my thought's escapin'
    Home, where my music's playin'
    Home, where my love lies waiting silently for me.