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Thursday, December 2, 2010

100th Post

Really? This started out as a little experiment, a lesson if you will in discipline.
I wanted to know if I could manage to produce something written, that was even remotely interesting, on a timely basis, thrice weekly.

And here we are, nine months later, and I've done it. Well, the volume, anyway, and I've got a few regular readers, some of whom I'm not even related to, so I must be saying something at least as interesting as anything else on the interwebs.

Therefore, since you- my readers- have proven yourselves to be as faithful as Family, your 100th post punishment...err...reward will be the very first appearance of the 2010 Dixon Family Newsletter that will be going in our Christmas Cards.


It was the best of years, it was the worst of years.

Seriously. 2010 will go down in Dixon Family History as both the happiest and most horrifying year...ever.

By January of this year, it was apparent that Ward's graft of almost 2 years was not going to remain viable, and the doctors were trying to (again) wait till that recurring clot in his heart was gone to do surgery. Which involves the administration of coumadin.

February and March saw us in the emergency room four times for bleeding that wouldn't stop- and they admitted him for 2 nights at one point.

April they did another "routine" graft replacement. Due to some medication errors and other unforeseen mishaps too depressing for a holiday letter, but that included 2 weeks in ICU after an emergency graft repair, heart failure,pneumonia, and several bouts of "We THINK he's going to make it", we ended up staying in Houston for almost 6 weeks instead of one week. Poor Ward left the hospital in a wheelchair a full 45 pounds lighter than when he walked in 6 weeks previously.

That was the worst. Thing. Ever.

Thanks to Ward's tremendous courage and fortitude, and with the help of physical therapy and roughly 53 apple pies ala mode and as much home cookin' as I could ladle into him, he's back to almost 100% on all counts.

Which is the best. Thing. Ever.

Through it all we were supported and loved by many friends- Jordan, April, Christine, Cathy, Uncle Jim...all came physically to care for us, and many many more sent cards, gift boxes and a continual wave of strength.

We are especially thankful for our Joe- who kept the farm running and everyone on it fed while we were gone- thanks to him I never once had to worry about the things I've had to worry about in the past when we've been detained at the hospital- care of the animals, and how to pay for extra hotel nights.

Alec is in 6th grade home school, and Ward is a wonderful patient teacher. Alec continues his study of Tae Kwon Do and is now a 2nd degree level 3 black belt. We attended three tournaments this year, including the National in Mississippi and he brought home medals every time.

Erika has a new career as manager of a running store, which she loves and is much less stressful than her years on The Hill, much as she loved it and as good as she is at it. She continues to run competitively, and the last few races she's been in she's beat her personal bests while finishing way, way WAY at the head of the pack. She also got engaged to a fellow runner, and we hope to meet him in the very near future.

Dave is in Racine and is now working at Merchants, like his dad, but still sending out resumes and going on interviews for something in his chosen field. He and his girlfriend share custody of a guinea pig named Sophie.

Finally, our land at last has A HOUSE on it- we signed the construction loan mid-September and are already doing the finish work- since we had plenty of time (like YEARS) to get everything lined up just right. Once we got the "go ahead", boy howdy, did we ever.

Considering I drew out the house on graph paper, it's moving from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional reasonably smoothly- with credit for that going to the building crew(s) involved who are not only gifted craftsmen, but have an excellent sense of humor and the patience of saints.

Every time I see it, it actually takes my breath away, not for its size or elegance (it possesses neither), but for its aura of safety and security. Of Home.

The plan is to be moved in by Christmas (give or take a week or so), then clean out our current house for its new family, who will be buying it on land contract.

Along with our considerable accumulation of stuff, we'll be moving 1 horse, 1 sheep, 8 goats, 2 cats, 3 dogs, 5 guinea hens, 9 chickens, 6 ducks and about 70 guinea pigs. Lord help us.

2010 saw the loss of 3 of our very special canine family members- Spooj, Galut and Tiny Ramon- all of considerable age (16, 9 and 20) but all left holes in our hearts which will take a long time to heal. We still have Sugarbearmarshmallowdog and Kate the Wonderdog, as well as Fizzgig- the new lap warmer/comedian/shredder of all things alive or dead.

I'm still at the Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic, still writing for, still working on book projects...all while having acquired a renewed and passionate awareness of how very precious my friends, family and life are.

Wishing you the same passion in your lives this holiday season,
and a very happy new year.


  1. Congratulations on the 100!! And also to your family...for hanging in there through a really tough year. Praying it will be a better one in 11. Health and Happpiness to you in your new home...Blessings...;j

  2. Nice going! You knew you could do it before you started. That's why you started.

  3. DB in Poetry
    On this most special of nights
    would love to hear your voice
    inspiration yes
    never enough friends
    yes I am here

  4. and a happy holiday season to you and yours in Poetry, DB :)