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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book Excerpt- "Cancerdance- a love story"

Hey kids- it's less than 2 weeks from Christmas- do you have your shopping done?

This week I'll be posting excerpts from my books in an effort to bump up sales enough to help defray our moving costs...errr...spark ya'lls interest and as a reminder that the gift of a BOOK (especially one signed by the author) is ALWAYS a good idea.

Remember- to be signed by me, the books must be ordered through my website, not the Blurb website. All books will go out within 24 hours via US Postal Service expedited delivery.

"Cancerdance- a love story" is told mostly in journal form, typed out as the events of our first 7 years living as a Cancer Family unfolded.

*small but important spoiler- I don't read (or write) books without happy endings*

So without further ado-

31 October 2007 at 6:28pm

We have to be at the hospital at 5:15 tomorrow morning.

Alec has just informed me that he has a sore throat.

How the heck will I be two places at once???

I can't 'fudge' and say Alec's fine if he's not, and bring a germy kid into an environment of all immune suppressed people.

And I can't just dump Ward off a the curb.


31 October 2007 at 10:01pm

No fever yet- we've had dinner and Alec's had his shower, so I'm drugging him up good with Childrens' Advil Cold and Flu, and trying to get Mr. Night Owl to go to sleep early.

LAST surgery I did have my friend here-

this time, no one.


01 November 2007 at 6:27pm

Alec so far is holding tough, so that's positive.

We got to the hospital at 5:15am and they took Ward back at 7am. He was in recovery, sitting up watching TV at 11am and in a room by noon. No swelling at all. Looking great. We were happy and optimistic about going home over the weekend.


Then the doctor came in.
-He wants to keep Ward till at least early next week so they can get him back on blood thinners for his clotting issues, and keep the stitches AND the drain in for 'a long time' so his thinned blood does not do what he thinks happened last time (see below).
-From what he saw during surgery, what he thought was tissue swelling after the first surgery was more likely the socket filling with his nice thin blood and pushing the graft forward. That blood then kinda sat there (ick) and finally started oozing out the edges (double ick).
-Of course Ward needs to be on some sort of thinner so his annoying cardiac clots don't come back, so the doctor is not completely convinced that it won't happen again and we'll lose the graft, which can't be re-done since he's already used all the parts needed for one.
-He mentioned the use of therapeutic leeches.
-Oh, and by the way, he's leaving for Japan tomorrow night.

So tomorrow I need to sit outside the cardiologist's office till they can see me and tell me what they are planning to put him on- since the Coumadin was causing him to break out in hives for the last month.

"They" said that was not a side effect, but dang if 12 hours after going off Coumadin he was completely freakin' healed- like not an itch or even a light bruise left, and he had been positively purple all over from scratching.

I think we'll be ordering pizza delivered tonight.

If there is a God, they will also deliver cheesecake.

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