photo by Sheri Dixon

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Irony at Its Finest

The Pledge of Allegiance
Wasn't perfect enough when it read
"One nation indivisible"
Those three words
Weren't powerful enough

So they insisted that
"Under God"
Be added.

Our nation's motto
Engraved on our money
And our hearts
"E Pluribus Unum"
"Out of many, One"
Wasn't meaningful enough

So they insisted that
"In God We Trust"
Replace it.

They scream "PERSECUTION"
Wailing and gnashing teeth
When asked to move their nativity scene
Off of the courthouse lawn
And across the street
To the church lawn.

They demand that laws be changed
Or written anew
Laws for our entire nation
Consisting of
People of many Faiths
(Or no Faith at all),
Based on their own
Holy book.

And now
They are supporting,
Urging and imploring that
States pass laws
Against Sharia Law
Becoming the law of the land.

Because how horrible that would be-
Being forced to behave in ways
That do not conform
To your own personal beliefs.


  1. Religious affirmation of the signers of the Declaration of independence:
    Religious Affiliation # of
    signers % of
    Episcopalian/Anglican 32 57.1%
    Congregationalist 13 23.2%
    Presbyterian 12 21.4%
    Quaker 2 3.6%
    Unitarian or Universalist 2 3.6%
    Catholic 1 1.8%
    TOTAL 56 100%

    Religious affirmation of the signers of the
    Articles of Confederation:
    Religious Affiliation # of
    signers % of
    Episcopalian/Anglican 14 29%
    Congregationalist 9 19%
    Presbyterian 4 8%
    Catholic 1 2%
    Quaker 1 2%
    Huguenot 1 2%
    Lutheran 1 2%
    Protestant, denomination unknown 18 38%
    TOTAL 48 100%

    Religious Affiliation of the Delegates to the
    Constitutional Convention of 1787, including the
    Signers of the Constitution of the United States of America
    Religious Affiliation # of
    delegates % of
    Episcopalian/Anglican 31 56.4%
    Presbyterian 16 29.1%
    Congregationalist 8 14.5%
    Quaker 3 5.5%
    Catholic 2 3.6%
    Methodist 2 3.6%
    Lutheran 2 3.6%
    Dutch Reformed 2 3.6%
    TOTAL 55 100%

    In terms of religious affiliation, the men mirrored the overwhelmingly Protestant character of American religious life at the time and were members of various denominations. Only two, Carroll and Fitzsimons, were Roman Catholics.

    I don’t care if someone is religious and believes, or does not believe in a Protestant God. That is not my point, but to think our founding fathers had anything else in mind is a huge assumption. Do you really think they had an Islamic God in mind when they affirmed the statement of “One Nation under God” ? “In God we Trust”? Did you know that four of them were Protestant Preachers? Like it or not, if our Founding Fathers had any idea what life would be like in America in 2013, I’m pretty sure they would be “Wailing and gnashing teeth”. If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, got a big old orange bill on its head like a Duck…It’s more than likely a Duck. Of course had they been of Islamic faith, you would not have this blog, now would you….

  2. The Founders didn't affirm either "One Nation Under God" OR "In God We Trust"- those were both added in the 1950's during the Red Scare.
    The Founders, no matter their personal beliefs, were adamant that this nation NOT be a theocracy.
    Impressive block of data, though :)

  3. And yes- even the Pledge was written by a baptist preacher...who purposely left any mention of god OUT Of it- that, too was changed in the '50's.

  4. Silence! (Ops, were not quite under Sharia Law yet) Anyway, I guess I should have checked my sources better. All that information came from the Library of Congress. See how history can change by someone simply putting it down on paper. However, I still believe that had they known what life in the United States would look like in 2013, they may not have been so liberal in their thinking. When our forefathers came to America they assimilated into the American society. They did not demand that the all religious symbols be taken down because it did not fit into their idea of God. No nativity scenes were ordered taken down. No cry for any talk of God erased from any publication at a public school. They even learned the prevailing language. Can you imagine that? They did not have to press 1 for English! In Montana right now there is a big fight on at a ski hill because a religious symbol is on the slopes. For the last 40 years it has been on the ski hill, but it seems it is now offending someone because it does not fit into their Islamic thinking. Granted Madonna offends me, but then again I’m talking the singer and not the religious icon. In the 1980’s in the Paradise Valley, (right outside Yellowstone Park) a radical church moved in and bought up a whole bunch of land. (The multimillion dollar Royal Teton Ranch) They brought hundreds into the county and simply took it over. They believed that the world was coming to the end via nuclear war and if you just signed everything over to them you could buy your ticket to heaven and a spot in their very extensive underground fallout shelters. They ran for local government and took over. They elected a Sheriff that was part of their CULT. The leaders of the CUT (Church Universal and triumphant) Clare and Mark Prophet claimed they were direct decedents of the Masters. Such as Sanat kumara, Maitreya, Diwal Khul, El Morya, Kuthumi, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, the Master Hilarion, the Master Jesus and Saint Germain. Yes it was a cult and when they were exposed and prosecuted for their crimes. (Illegal gun trafficking, theft and fraud, kidnapping) They spent some time in jail and the CUT crumbled in Montana, but still have 50K members worldwide. The point is it can happen right here in the good old USA. All religious radical thinking is bad in my opinion. It’s a razors edge deciding when a religion or following is bad, but I think you would agree that Sharia Law would be a disaster. But if not, perhaps you should start shopping for your Burka, and oh yes, Silence! :)

  5. Wait- this whole tirade is because you think I'm a sharia law fan?
    I want ALL religion out of government, it just slays me that the people who specify 'no sharia law' are adamantly forcing their own beliefs on the rest of us.
    That's the point I was making- NO religious doctrine should be the law of the land.

  6. I think we will just have to agree that we are missing both our points. I’m simply saying that I completely understand why people are so up in arms that Shari law could someday be the rule of the land. The majority makes the rules. Like it or not, this Country was founded by Christian people. Like it or not, this country is primarily Christian. I believe in a higher power. However, I’m not a big fan of any church. I had three uncles that were all Southern Baptist ministers. Being the black sheep of the family always seemed to please me in a deep spiritual way. Lol Anyway, like it or not the Islamic faith is growing in America and Sharia law could someday be a real issue. I’m not a big fan of any religious faith being in control. Dangerous to say the least. However, I would take the Christian view a thousand times over Sharia Law. And, I would bet that I am not in the minority on this subject. If I had my way we would all be praying to the big giant trout I try to catch every weekend. This way if you find “religion” you get to eat it too…