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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Thoughts The Morning After

Morning after what? The debate, of course. Coming on the heels of Biden mopping the floor with Ryan, it was a good show.

If you're not Romney.

Here are my snurfly, sort of fuzzy, autumn-head-cold thoughts in no particular order about...stuff.

I totally voted Obama in '08.

I will totally vote Obama three weeks from now.

That does not mean I totally agree with everything he's done and is fixin' to do.

In fact there are some very big things I totally hate about his policies.

I hate the entire drone program. If you're going to willfully and systematically kill people, make damn sure it's more difficult and heart-wrenching to do than playing a goddamn video game.

I hate the phrase "clean coal". There's no such thing. It's every bit as offensive as saying "legitimate rape".

I hate that he's not taken a stance in favor of Occupy, while the Republican party embraces the fucking Tea Party (even though they hold them at arm's length, like a stinky but rich relative at a family reunion).

I hate that the ACA was not allowed to have a single payer option and that Glass/Stegall was watered down almost to ineffectiveness.

I hate that not one stinking banker has been prosecuted but people are getting arrested for trying to stay in their own homes.

I hate that it took Joe Biden taking a stand on gay marriage for the president to finally do so.

On the other hand, what today's Republican party is espousing scares the living shit out of me- they're not even trying to hide their agenda with pretty rhetoric anymore.

Do I think we need to do away with the 2 party system? Probably.

Do I think Citizens United needs to be repealed? Oh, hell yea.

Do I agree with the phrase "Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil"?
Yes and no.

Whether the radical progressives are right when they say it hasn't been enough, Obama HAS done some good stuff. And he's had a helluva time getting even that much done.

And Mr. "Don't compare what I say now to what I said five minutes ago" Romney and his literal partner in social crime Paulie are an absolute fucking nightmare.

In 90 minutes last night he said that government should not/does not create jobs AND that his 5 point economic plan will create 12 million jobs.

Of course he also said that women SHOULD have access to contraception, which will make all the fundamentalists swoon with horrified confusion, and that he FAVORS an assault weapons ban as long as it's bi-partisan (whatever the hell that means).

That Obama came out and said "We don't need further regulations, just to enforce our current laws- Chicago is a pretty dangerous place but it's not because of AK's, it's because of cheap handguns", making him look 100% more pro-2nd amendment than Romney probably has the entire NRA pissing themselves. *Smile*

He's also blasted Obama repeatedly for not fixing everything in less than 4 years, and then turned around and said no one can fix the economy in 4 years- but he can do it in 8. Does he really think we're that incapable of any thought process at all???

(Never mind- don't answer that).

I'd love for a 3rd party candidate to have an actual chance, and I really think that's possible.

But not right at this moment.

Until we overturn Citizens United it's not possible.

Until ALL candidates who have their names officially on the ballots are included in ALL the debates it's not possible.

Until there are a number of 3rd party candidates actually elected to lower offices, it's not possible.

And that's what gives me hope.

Because the corporate-funded, heavily-armed, NOT AN OFFICIAL PARTY- Tea Party was able to bullshit their way into Congress with enough members to really fuck up the entire process- not just for the Evil Socialist Muslim Kenyan imposter in the White House, but for every single one of us- including themselves.

If they could do that, then it's still possible for GOOD change to come about the same way- one local, state, and national seat at a time, baby steps that will show everyone that bad things won't necessarily happen if the word 'socialist' is involved.

I guess it's all in the marketing- if the Tea Party would admit that they're the Party of Plutocracy and fascism, maybe they wouldn't be so popular among people who are poor and already down-trodden.

It makes me physically truly sad to hear people all around me admitting that they'll be voting absolutely against their own interests and to their own detriment because if Obama gets re-elected we're fucked.


Name me ONE reason why that can be verified absolutely with facts and figures that come from TRUE non-partisan sources (hint- CATO and Heritage Foundation do not fit that description), or with actual laws passed by this administration, that does not already fall under my list above of things *I* hate about this administration, and does not include the words "Socialist", "Marxist", "Communist", "Kenyan", "Muslim", or "Nigger".

Just raise your hand when you can come up with something. Yanno what? Just add it to the comments section below- that way I won't be waiting up for it...

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