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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not MY President

OK. I've had it up to here with the above phrase.

I've heard it for almost 4 years now and from people I'da thunk were not only above that sort of petty bullshit, but also more intelligent.

Every 4 years in this country we elect a president, and every 4 years there's a tremendous amount of people who face the morning after election day knowing that the person they voted for is NOT, in fact, the president.

And even if they were passionately for the loser, and vehemently against the winner, every 4 years everyone in the country bucks up and gets behind THE President of the United States of America.

Because that's what the whole "democratically elected" thing is about. We learned that when we were all six years old. How to be gracious winners AND losers.

No matter what anyone says, you cannot tell me that it's different this time for any reason other than the race of the winner. Cannot.

Have we ever had a president questioned about his stupid birth certificate ad nauseum?

Have we ever had so much cloak and dagger about the eligibility of a sitting president?

Have we ever had so much speculation about a president's religion? (Which shouldn't make a bit of difference anyway...because the United States of America does NOT have a national religion, mmmmkay?)

No. We haven't.

And the ONLY difference this time is that this president does not happen to be white.

And I can never, in my over half a century of life, remember a time when ANYONE ever said "Well, he's not MY president" seriously and sincerely.

I HAVE heard people say (and have said myself) "Hey- don't blame ME-*I* didn't vote for him" if things go to hell in a handbasket.

But never, ever that a large portion of this nation honestly consider a current president...invalid.

Which is ridiculous and childish.

Like him or not, like his politics or not, like his heritage or not, the man IS OUR President. He's my president and he's your president. On accounta he was elected by a majority of the people in this country.

To not recognize the duly-elected leader of this country is not just petty bullshit, it's unpatriotic.

If Mittens Romney and Wonderboy Ryan manage somehow to dazzle with bullshit a majority of the people and they pull out the coup of the century, yanno what I'll say?

I'll say, "That's President Romney". And when all their uber-conservative wet dreams come true and most of the country's people are in such deep shit the recession we're just now coming out of looks like a freaking day at the circus I'll say, "Hey- don't blame ME- *I* didn't vote for him".

And if PRESIDENT Obama wins another term? Ya'll better grow the hell up- because right now yer a really bad example to all the toddlers out there.

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