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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Slippery Slope Into Bullshit

I'm sick and tired of the "slippery slope" argument.

If Universal Health Care becomes law, it's a slippery slope into complete Nanny State socialism/communism/fascism (since those are used interchangeably, oh- and wrongly). Never mind that it'll help everyone, including myself. We just can't take that chance.

If Gay Marriage becomes accepted, it's a slippery slope into marrying your dog, or your Dolly Parton blow-up doll, or your toaster. I love toast.

If we enact ANY sort of gun control of ANY sort of weapon to anyone, it's a slippery slope to the government coming in and taking all my guns.

Right. You're right. If EVERYONE in that theater had been armed, the lone gunman wouldn't have stood a chance. Because a dark theater full of panicking people at midnight is an excellent place for a buncha ya-hoos with guns to practice their target skills.

I hear a lot of, "Well. Auto wrecks kill WAY more people than guns- why don't we outlaw cars?" and, "Guns don't kill people. PEOPLE kill people".

(smug look like the argument is over)


Great. Using the above 'if everyone had been armed' analogy, lets apply it to cars. So because SOME people can't drive well, the obvious fix is to let ANYONE drive at all- 8 year olds, blind people, anyone. It should be up to the individual to make the decision that they are capable of driving a huge chunk of metal that could kill people. Brilliant. Lets not require driver's licenses. Or any rules of the road like speed limits or road-worthiness of any vehicle. People have been required to have driver's licenses for a good long time- when do they come confiscate all the cars?



...tired of waiting and moving on.

Here's what I don't understand. And these aren't generalizations or random 'facts' pulled out of the internet's ass. I'm speaking of people I know, people I love, people I talk to- from family to casual acquaintances.

The same people who want MORE restrictions on who gets government aid- who are A-OK with a lot of people being denied who really need it as long as it keeps ONE person from cheating the system and costing THEM PERSONALLY like...a nickel a year, have an absolute apoplexy if I say, "Yanno, handguns and hunting guns are fine, but no one really needs an AK-47".

The same people who want MORE restrictions on what a woman can do (legally, I might add)regarding very personal health and life decisions get all purple in the face and blustery and all the veins stick out on their heads if I say, "Yanno, maybe it's not a good idea to be able to walk around a gun show and sell an assault rifle to any person who has cash- no background check required for a personal sale".

The same people who have not a problem in the world with new Voter ID requirements- requirements that exclude from voting a large population that is elderly, poor, rural, to make sure there's no VOTER FRAUD (actual verified voter fraud in Texas last year- FIVE) snarl and walk away muttering that I'm a goddamn hippie commie peacenik treehugger if I point out that

The first sentence of the 2nd Amendment states a WELL REGULATED MILITIA- that their weapons back then consisted of FUCKING MUSKETS and that everyone DID own guns- because they were going out and shooting their dinner. Even the upper class kids who went off to boarding school learned how to handle dueling pistols- guns were TOOLS and in every house, and people goddamn knew how to use them.

They also knew that they were dangerous and would probably have a huge panicked incredulous cow if they saw who can legally own and carry today- anyone without a police record (actually anyone with cash at a gun show) can own and use a gun. Whether or not they've ever held one or seen one used other than on TV.

That's bullshit.

To say that military-type weapons should only be in the hands of the military or police is NOT out of line and NOT a slippery slope. It's common damn sense.

WELL REGULATED MILITIA. Yes. It was the common people who made up our revolutionary army. As it is today- we have a volunteer armed forces. If you sign up to be a soldier, you are issued a weapon and then FUCKING TAUGHT HOW TO USE IT. You don't just sign up and get handed a gun and told, "OK- have fun now".

To summarize.

Apparently, we must MORE heavily regulate

-who gets to vote, because our elections are important and not bought by corporations or fixed voting booths anyway.

-what women can and can't decide for themselves, because, well...they're women.

-who gets 'the welfare' because someone will cheat and may get something they don't deserve

-who can marry who because YOU think gay marriage is icky.

But we have to back completely off of guns. Even though the one single thing they are designed to do is kill things. That's it. There's not a damn gun in the world that's not designed to specifically put a hole in something/someone with the intended result being death.

I own guns. They're tools. I use them to cause death when necessary here on the farm and I hate it.

If the 2nd Amendment "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands" crowd really wants to help themselves?

Get behind this sort of regulation. No one needs that type of weapon.

If someone really wants one will they still get one? Probably.

But making sure anyone can get one legally and easily with no oversight or training is not the way to fix that.

It's a guarandamntee that it'll happen more often.

The US has the largest population of armed citizens in the world.

Why do we also have the highest percentage of our population in prison, the highest violent crime rates and outstandingly dangerous cities?

Seriously, being a armed nation is NOT making us a safer nation. Yanno why?

Because there's no goddamned oversight or responsibility taken.

You don't want the Big Bad Government to do it?

Fine. Do it your own damn selves.

Man up. Take responsibility.

Being Free does NOT mean that you can do whatever you damn want to whoever gets in your way and defending your right to do so without regard for anyone else. That's being a sociopathic asshole.

Being in a Free SOCIETY means that IF you choose to own or do something potentially dangerous, you make damn sure you're safe, and extra-damn sure that everyone else who has the same dangerous toys is also TRAINED and CAPABLE.

See? Subtle but important difference.

Now, go hug your family and tell them you love them. Because there's a shitload of people who can't do that today. As there were yesterday. And will be tomorrow.

Guns DON'T kill people.

People who shouldn't be allowed to carry a pointy stick and who walk into a gun show with money and out with an assault rifle kill people.

With guns.


  1. Humor and courageous insight, a lethal combination. Keep up the great work! I used to think it's OK for folks to have some types of guns as long as they're licensed and trained (among other things). But Norman Goldman made a good point yesterday that even highly-trained professionals still kill and maim people at an alarming rate. Both my accident and by going off the deep end. Banning all but sports guns seems like the most effective way to go. Oh, and getting a new Supreme Court, who will resurrect the actual 2nd Amendment, is another necessity.

  2. Welcome, Norman and thank you for the compliment. I agree that our current crop of 'literal constitutionalists' are the ones twisting it to their own purposes.
    Sometimes I just stand back and think, "How do their brains even make that shit WORK?"