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Sunday, July 8, 2012

...And They Were Sore Afraid

Remember that line from the Bible? I do.

When the poor shepherds were just minding their own business in the middle of the night and without warning BAM the skies lit up and the stars were replaced by an entire shitload multitude of heavenly angels all announcing the birth of the Baby Jesus.

Considering they weren't accustomed to such displays of ostentatiousness (this being before the Pope and all) they stared up at that mess...

...and they were sore afraid.

'Course it was all cool, because the head angel told 'em to "Fear not. For born this day in a manger, a Savior. That he who believes shall NOT perish, but have eternal Life".

(Strange that I can remember that, but can't find my car in the grocery store parking lot half the time.)


I know a lot of really Good Christians. Those who follow the teachings of Christ- caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, turning the other cheek, judging not lest...all that stuff. I personally think Jesus was a terrific role model, a good man and an excellent teacher.

So this isn't a Christian-bashing session.

This isn't even where I go off about those Poser Christians who justify terrible things in the name of Jesus.

This is just a question about being afraid.

Because many of today's Survivalists and Preppers are also devout Christians.

And that's OK.

And it's also OK to be frugal, and learn how to care for yourself and your family if you are suddenly poor, or without electricity for whatever reason. It's OK to stock up on food and paper goods and first aid sundries whether you foresee a collapse of civilization from zombies or politicians or banks or terrorists or zombies (I know, but I think that's hilarious, so I repeated it).

My question is- Why are so many of the Christian Survivalist/Preppers so darn afraid?

So clannish and suspicious and scurrying and running away without even knowing where they're going? Just "away". From the cities filled with crime and evil, the non-believers, the (for lack of a better word) Infidels.

They're terrified blind to everyone and everything around them- 99% of all of it a Gift and Wondrous.

God made a beautiful place- this Mother Earth.

Jesus called all humans his Brothers and Sisters and was kind, gentle and respectful towards everyone, not just "his" people.

I understand that they believe their rewards and peace and reunions will be in Heaven, and that's cool.

But THIS life and THIS place is also pretty cool, and it makes me sad- seriously "hurts my heart and makes me cry" sad- to see them so unhappy, so frantic, so worried.

Are bad things going to happen to the economy, to everyone's family? Is our future filled with uncertainty and change?


Because that's part of this life. Always has been, always is, always will be.

Knowing that makes me want to see and do MORE- travel more, meet more people who are different than we are, see and absorb it all- as much as one tiny speck here for one tiny blink of Father Time can take in. It also makes me treasure those around me more- I MAKE time now- for each precious person I love- because I DON'T believe we'll have "plenty of time to catch up on things once we're all dead and in Heaven".

I left the Church behind, which was right for ME. It doesn't make me a bad person, an immoral person, an evil person. I'm not worried about getting into Heaven or being tossed into a fiery Hell, but that doesn't mean I just go out and do bad shit because I have no fear of punishment.

Respect for others makes me do good. Love for my family makes me do good. Reverence for our planet makes me do good.

I care about everyone. No matter their race, gender, social status, religion, sexual orientation, or even their truly unfortunately misguided political leanings.

Everyone is my Family and Earth is my Home.

I'd like to sit all the poor harried Christian Survivalists down and make them see that they ARE running out of time, but not the way they are terrified of.

God says he'll provide for His Children.

He sees every sparrow that falls, remember?

Have Faith.

Slow down. Enjoy this life and this world and the people around you. All are precious. All are fragile.

Take a deep breath and embrace who you are with and the place you are now- because all will change whether you DO something about it or not. Where you are supposed to be and who you are supposed to be with will show itself to you when the time is right- but you'll never see it through your worry and agitation.

Be not afraid.

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