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Monday, March 12, 2012

When I Think of Mother Nature, She Looks Like a Collie

Someone passed along one of those photos of a big dog with his head on a sleeping baby. You know the one- the baby is smiling in her sleep and the dog has that soft tender look in his eyes.

Those always make me think of Slippers.

Slippers was a white collie- there are actually white collies and they are gorgeous. I'd always wanted one and when I finally got the chance to get one I snatched her up and brought her home.

She was a little confused about housebreaking at first and I hadn't thought of a good name for her till the day my husband hollered, "If that damn puppy pisses in the house one more time I'm gonna make a pair of slippers out of it!"

It wasn't long before push came to shove and one of them had to go.

I didn't miss him a bit.

Slippers was one of those dogs who was everyone's mother. Not just puppies, but humans, kittens, squirrels, guinea pigs, birds...all her children and she loved them all fiercely and equally.

The squirrels were the only ones who took actual offense at the attention- she'd hold them down gently and wash them nose to toes till their fur stood up in spikes. They'd chatter and curse and glare at her and she'd pay absolutely no never mind but continue bathing them with love and slobber.

Working in the veterinary field I constantly tell people dogs bite. No matter how gentle, if hurt or scared dogs bite because they're...dogs. Slippers was the only dog I've ever trusted to never bite, ever. A child could be bouncing on her back wearing spurs and poking her in the eyes and she wouldn't bite. I'm sure of it.

Our son Alec was born at home with a midwife in attendance.

After the delivery, we brought the dogs into the bedroom for introductions. Spooj and Tiny Ramon were interested in a polite sort of way- like we were showing them a slideshow of our vacation.

Slippers' eyes completely glazed over. A fresh. Brand new. Human baby.

She proceeded to sniff him ever so thoroughly nose to toes and back again, then turned on her heels and poked that long collie nose under the bed, beneath the dresser, behind the door...repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Ward asked, "What in the world is she doing?"

It took me a minute, then the maternal lightbulb came on and I started to laugh.

"She's looking for the rest of the litter. What kind of loser only has ONE baby?"

Slippers and my son Dave

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  1. Wonderful way to start the morning--thank you! She's a beautiful dog. :)