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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Bitey Update

You remember The Biteys.

Little half chihuahua/half wolverbeast puppies that someone so kindly dumped in front of our house with the rest of their trash?

Wild as March Hares, all (baby) teeth and snarls, they were about 4 weeks old when Alec found them under our old barn.

They were not to be toyed with.

After about a week, I was able to feed them out of my hand, but NOT pick them up.

After about 2 weeks, they discovered...Edna's house.

Edna adamantly stressed that she is 92 years old and just too old for a dog, much less 2 dogs, much less puppies.

The Biteys wagged their tails and blinked their little button eyes and that was that. They trotted up the ramp, into her house, onto a blanket she laid on the floor for them and never looked back at the barn.

Edna and the Biteys have come to an agreement-

Edna feeds the Biteys about 17 times a day, lets them sleep in her house every night (and for several naps during the day- she calls them in because "they've been playing all morning and are wore out- they need a nap")

In return, the Biteys are completely devoted to Edna.

They still don't like being picked up and held, but that's ok. Edna loves 'em anyway.

A few weeks ago I went to Edna's early in the morning, cornered the Biteys, crated 'em up and took them to the Vet's for vaccinations, worming, de-fleaing and spaying.

I told the staff "don't be fooled by their blinky eyes and their 5 pound bulk- use gloves".

When I picked them up later in the day, I told the Vet about the deer carcass they'd found and were bringing up to Edna's house one bone at a time.

He looked at me and said "I've just had to handle them- they didn't FIND the deer- they ran it down".

The Biteys go where they want, when they want (except for naptime and bedtime, then they have EDNA'S RULES). They get along with and play with all the other dogs and are happy to see human family members...just don't try to pick 'em up.

Me? After the trapping and drive to the Vet episode?

I'm pretty sure I'll never lay hands on 'em again.

I'm pretty sure I need to sleep with one eye open for the rest of my life.

Nothing concrete, understand- just the look in their eyes...

...their little blinky adorable vengeful puppy eyes...

The Biteys hiding in the weeds...waiting for their moment...waiting for their revenge...

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