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Friday, March 4, 2011


Yanno what I hate?

I hate when I'm on Facebook and there's an invitation to join a page and I click on it and afterwards think "Was that such a good idea?"

Today, for example. I've been away from the computer except for "work stuff" all week and haven't had a chance to blog. So I've had all week to get good and worked up about so very many things

...and yet.

I clicked "I am attending" to this-!/event.php?eid=189170184442695&index=1

A day of Peace. Today. Because it sounded like a good idea and pretty innocuous.

*Then I read the rules*

I have to be nice. All day. To everyone. About Everything.

I'm not sure, but that may do permanent damage to the vengeful hateful little core that keeps me alive.

But I'll give it a shot. For the sake of Peace.

Because that's what my 11 year old boy wished for blowing out the candles of his birthday cake with the peace sign on it.

I'll give it a shot.

So for today there is no ranting, no spewing, no frustration- just some photos of early spring wild flowers here on the 'stead, all of them completely and obstinately non-carnivorous, which would've given me at least a tiny bit of satisfaction.

*Peace- and I'll see ya'll tomorrow...if I haven't spontaneously combusted.

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  1. This just may cause irreparable damage to the universe but I'll give it a go. Have a good weekend dear...