photo by Sheri Dixon

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon Resolution

Lately I've been seeing a person I really don't like.

An impatient, petty, suspicious person who thinks badly of others without reason, she taints everyone around her with her toxic attitude.

She's in my mirror, the Bitch.

I hate when that happens.

Right or wrong, the atmosphere of the entire household- mine, yours, everyone's- depends on how Mom is acting and reacting to life around her.

That old joke "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" isn't just good for yuks and giggles- it's true.

Tonight we have "SuperMoon" coming up over the trees. Right now, this very minute, and it's glorious.

Ward and Alec have gathered firewood around the fire pit and we put out the camp chairs.

I've got the Smores Staging Area all set to go, and Joe's waiting for the word and he'll hike the 50 ft from his house to ours to enjoy the SuperMoon Celebration.

I have so much to be thankful for. My family is healthy, and smart, and funny, and so very dear. We're Home, for real and for true.

I promise this night, the night of the SuperMoon, that I'll take care every day- take CARE every day to think before I speak, and to be kind and patient.

To hug more and frown less.

To honestly praise more and snark less.

To assume no ill intent from those around me, no matter what they do or say that inadvertently "hits me the wrong way".

To cherish more- not just when I wake up and before dozing off to sleep at night as I give thanks for another 24 hours with my amazing family in this amazing place, but

all day long.

To SHOW it and SAY it and LIVE it. All day long.

Because 150% of the time, those around me are doing their best to do their best.

Because 150% of the time, those around me love me no matter how damn unlovable I'm being.

And they deserve better.


  1. good lesson there...I find myself looking back at that person too often. May your evening with the full moon, smores, family and friends be all you need to realize how important you are to all of them as well.
    Loved the sweet potato bread!!

  2. Yep- nothing like 2 hours of campfire with the full moon & Hershey's bars to seal a promise :)

    The coyotes loved the moon as well and serenaded us along with the spring peepers.

    Glad you loved the sweet potato bread (((((jojo)))))