photo by Sheri Dixon

Thursday, September 30, 2010


...all I have time for is a quick trip to this page so I can check up on all my friends whose blogs I now follow.

It's a flaw in my personality- some sort of OCD, I'm sure of it. But it stands me well in the running of a small farm, and the running of a small business, and just the never-ending running I do all day every day, this OCD.

Though most of my life has been wonderful and the stuff of warm fuzzy soft-focus memories, like everyone I've had some rough spots as well. Can't say as they've been any rougher than anyone elses'- that's not for anyone to judge and it sure shouldn't be a contest.

All I know is that I made it through the rough spots by scratching out as much control over my life as I could where I could, mostly in very tiny ways- alphabetizing the spice rack and my nail polish, wearing my clothing in order, having very set routines and rituals. At the time, it saved what sanity and dignity I had left.

One good side effect is that I can easily care for a farm with well over 100 mouths to feed and know I'll never miss a one, since I do the same thing the same way every single day. I can't help it. I have to.

One bad side effect is that now I have these sites and blogs to check- new friends, old friends, some I've met and some I haven't, and I know I'll never miss a one, since I do the same thing the same way every single day. I can't help it. I have to.

And what with the house being built (can you say "OCD Overdrive"???)and continuing drama at work and worry about Ward it's been hella-hard trying to think up something to blog about thrice weekly as self-imposed when I started this little endeavor.

Case in point- this post.

So here I sit, 11:20pm and I'll go through my list and catch up with everyone- mentally tuck them all in and turn off the computer.

Then I'll go through the house- feed the cat, put the puppy to bed, check the guinea pigs one last time, turn off each light in turn, make sure my family is tucked in and go to bed.

Goodnight Cyber-family. Yer OCD Texas Momma loves ya.


  1. what a sweet post! I get through the day with rituals calms me. sleep well..;p