photo by Sheri Dixon

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Houston Haiku Trilogy

My knight in shining armor
Sleeps just to my left.
Watching him breathe calms my heart.

My brave son and his Fizzgig
Sleep just to my right.
Stork legs, short legs, feet and paws.

I'm exhausted past slumber
Yet sleep just won't come
For Wife, Mom, and Worrier.

*Please keep my family in your thoughts and yes, even prayers, as we once again enter the maws of MD Anderson...again. Tomorrow and Wednesday are "routine" appointments, but for some reason we're a little twitchy just being here.


  1. I'd change that last line to 'Warrior'.

  2. Well, since a certain other venue is shut down...?

    and I found your blog! So glad! :) Wow, what a little searchin' comes up with!

    It's tricky being so, so busy. I hope you won't be completely like "who?"

    I do think of you often and have followed your story and your stories... the blog scene is amazing for that.

    So you graduated all the way to Queen of the Universe!! Despite all my efforts, I only ever made it to lalaland queen status! :) Tee hee!

    I agree with that other character on here...
    :p I had to look twice at your poem, I too thought it said "warrior".

    Still off in my corner of the world... wishing you all the best.

  3. Sending you good vibes, Babe. Thanks for the book!