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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Freedom- *ow* It Burns

So there's this proposed mosque somewhere in the vicinity of the spot the World Trade Center used to sit on.

Not ON the spot. Not even in VIEW of the spot. But alot of people are very upset and want something done about it. If not through normal "Sorry, this area is not zoned for a mosque" channels, then by torch and/or wrecking ball if necessary.

It's an abomination, they say. A symbolic "Up yours, America" from the Muslim community to build so close to what is seen as hallowed ground. Ground their loved ones died on.

But here's the thing- the Muslims proposing the mosque aren't the same ones who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center. They're American Citizens and if they want to build a mosque in a properly zoned area of New York City (although technically this will be a community center, but that's sorta splitting hairs) then they have every right to and should be able to withOUT heckling, threats, or hatred being spewed at them.

Freedom of religion- to practice your spiritual beliefs without fear of reprisal- is the American Way according to our Founding Fathers' Given Rights.

Freedom- holding us all safely on equal ground.

Yesterday Glenn Beck held a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Now, he SAYS he "had no idea" of the significance of that date- that it was the same date Martin Luther King Jr. made his "I have a dream" speech right there in that same place. I call bullshit on that, but that's not what this is about.

Glenn also said his rally's mission was to "take back the Civil Rights Movement".

From WHO??? Black people??? Yes. Lets all get behind the middle aged paunchy white man and TAKE BACK the Civil Rights Movement. Could he possibly get any more sickening???

But here's the thing- Glenn, while NOT being a journalist, NOT being a politician, NOT being particularly smart, NOT being any damn thing except a paid snake oil salesman (please see his expose about the horrors of the American Health Care System 18 months before changing networks and FOX paying him to say "The American health care system is the greatest on the planet), Glenn Beck IS an American Citizen.

And if he wants to stand on the spot a Great American stood on and spew senseless self-aggrandizing thinly veiled hate mongering drivel, he has every right to do so withOUT heckling, threats or hatred being spewed back at him.

Freedom of speech and Freedom to assemble peacefully-is the American Way according to our Founding Fathers' Given Rights.

Freedom- *ow* It burns...


  1. On the mosque its not about religion its about understanding and concern. I say follow the advice the Pope gave the nuns when they wanted to build. It's not what's right or wrong. It's about showing compassion for your fellow man.

  2. I understand- but the mosque is not the same sect as the terrorists were- the muslims building the mosque in NYC are cruelly treated by Al Quedah muslims. and remember there were quite a number of muslims who lost their lives that day as well.