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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Think of the Children

So, back a few weeks we were treated to this little tidbit-

Basically, it's about a German family who emigrated to the United States EIGHT YEARS AGO seeking asylum because they want to home school their children and that's not allowed in Germany. The first judge temporarily granted said asylum.

Since then, what have they done? Nothing but use up tax dollars and time whining about how they should be able to stay because they're CHRISTIAN home schoolers and they'll be persecuted back home, hell- they may even take the kids if they refuse to enroll them.

And all the fundamental Christian home schoolers are up in arms- claiming (of course and falsely) that "millions of Mexicans can stay but this one WHITE CHRISTIAN family has to go" and "this is a slippery slope into denying Americans the right to home school".

One of my friends went so far as to say something like "Hey- if YOU don't care that social service will come get your son that's your business- I CARE about my kids".

For the love of Pete.

First of all, shut up.

Second of all- lets look at this poor sad family. Faced with prison, torture, death penalty- all for home schooling.

Wait. What?

The WORST thing that will happen (if they have a lick of sense and don't force the damn issue, losing the kids to foster care) is that their kids will (whisper this now- it's so horrible) HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL.

Are the German schools dangerous? Gangs roaming the halls? Lone gunmen coming in to mow down entire classes of first graders? Old and ill-funded with teachers who are not respected and paid poorly?

Nope- that's here.

German public schools are among the best in the world. They teach science and not religious doctrine. How freaking horrifying.

The parents may teach all the Christianity they want to- at home and at church. No problemo.

Third of all, they've been here for eight damn years- why the hell haven't they taken the citizenship test in all that time? I mean..."We don't care if the illegals wanna be 'Mericans- EVERYBODY wants to be an 'Merican- but they need to go through the proper steps to become citizens" Right? RIGHT?? RIGHT???

What's this political asylum shit? Political asylum is for people whose actual lives are in danger if they stay in their country. If you could claim political asylum for not being able to home school, all those illegal Haitians everyone hollers about? Good as gold, baby.

They're HOME SCHOOLERS- make "Becoming a US Citizen" one of the subjects ya'll study.

Fourth of all- it's not like America is the only beacon of home schooling options they had- pretty much every country that shares borders with Germany, and the countries who share THOSE borders, allows home schooling. It would be like us moving to Arkansas.

Actually- if they ARE forced to leave our shores, they can always go south to another home school friendly nation- Mexico. I hear all the Mexicans live here now- should be plenty of room for their quiver-full of Christian soldiers.

But here's the thing, I'm told- IF we allow our courts to kick this poor trembling family back into Nazi Germany (seriously ya'll- did you READ the freaking article???) that could start a (wait for it...the gun folks know what's coming!)


Yes. Because what the court decides about a family of GERMAN citizens will directly affect American citizens. Because SECOND AMENDMENT.

Sorry, wrong fanatics.

Lets just for a second humor that line of thinking.

With a straight face.

Court's decision on political asylum for illegal German family WILL escalate to no home schooling in America.

Because it directly affects the freedom of a family to choose how to raise and educate its children.

And the family is the most sacred unit there is.

Children need to be safe.

In a family. Which is 2 loving parents. Married parents.

If that's the case- if this whole deal is really about the quality and security of family life for children, then I wanna see everyone rooting for the asylum of that illegal German family also picketing the Supreme Court- fighting for the rights of gay couples to be a family and be recognized as married people.

Because otherwise...'s a SLIPPERY SLOPE into the Supreme Court forbidding EVERYONE to marry.

Especially those Christian home schoolers.

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