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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sneak Peek

"Files in Review"...stay tuned.

So there's a horrible dearth of liberal survivalist books out there (as in...ZERO).

And who better to fix that than your local ray of sunshine pointy little liberal, yours truly?

(from the blurb)

An 'End of America' story for those whose rose-colored glasses have been shattered, but who refuse to hide behind the barrel of a gun.

If you realize that the coming collapse will be more about pulling together and community than everyone becoming zombie road warriors, this is your story.

If you know that the world can be a dangerous place and that people can do awful things to each other, but believe that good people do NOT become bad people under stress, but are more likely to become heroes, this is your story.

If you've been smacked down by abuse, poverty, discrimination, addiction, violence of all nature and have come out the other side stronger but not callous, even more compassionate than before, this is your story.

If you believe in a better America for everyone- not just the powerful and mighty, but also the small and insignificant, and that this can be accomplished by ordinary people who are willing to fight without violence and be courageous in the face of adversity, this is the story I've written.

And I've written it for you.

(teeny tiny excerpt)

"They drove as night fell and the evening fog rolled in, as it did every day. Both seemed suddenly of a menacing and unnatural nature.

The air smelled metallic, felt electrical. The fog burned their eyes and froze on their eyelashes. Both Griffin and Eliza had grown up in the polluted atmosphere, but somehow it had been cushioned and masked by the constant vibration and hum of their mechanized world.

Eliza started to cry, tears freezing on her cheeks even though it was not winter. They’d been so close.

So close to bringing the world around to a better future, not just for the very wealthy, but for everyone. They had been sure that their child would be born into the new world, and they were right.

And heartbreakingly wrong."

It'll be available in paperback and on Kindle within the week- I'll let you know exactly when.

I just couldn't resist a little pre-production promo :)

(book cover paste-up)

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