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Monday, May 21, 2012

"What Shall I Read Today?"

"Easterchicks Gone Bad" was the first of many articles I wrote (and am still writing) for and I find it safe to say it's the one that started my "official" writing career.

Little did poor Ward know when he said, "Look, honey- this guy started a new website and is looking for writers" that

a) that would be the last he ever saw of his computer
b) that would be the beginning of many travels and the collection of many dear friends from literally all over the world.

From, to self-publishing, to a recurring radio spot, to this blog and Facebook- considering I know no more about my computer than "It's black and grey and when it smokes and makes screeching noises that's bad", I guess I've evolved.

Time will tell if that's been a good thing or not...

Anyhoo- "Easterchicks Gone Bad" is a compilation of articles that people find helpful in their quest for Simple Living in the Country because they are informative, educational, funny, sad and I'm a firm believer in teaching by example- mainly in the form of, "I tried this and it didn't work. It's hilarious NOW, but ya. Don't do that".

Now available for Kindle here-

for iStuff here-

and still in "old fashioned book form"- SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR here-

You may now resume your regularly scheduled day.

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