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Friday, May 4, 2012

Putting My Money Where Their Mouth Is

*Bear with me- I'm typing this on my phone...

I don't donate to political campaigns. Political donations go for things like tv ads and staff and honestly my money is better spent on frivolous things like food and shelter.

It irks my soul and raises my bile to listen to politicians bemoan how much money is being wasted in the running of government while simultaneously spending millions of dollars on yard signs and raking of their opponents' muck to get elected so they can save money.

And just how will they straighten shit out? They all promise to straighten shit out- the economy, jobs, health care, social security, schools, energy independence...but ask them for specifics and they got nuthin'.

There they are, on the tv screen, screaming about getting the money out of politics while begging us for money.

I have a better idea.

Every candidate must decide on their most favoritest issues, then instead of paying advertising guys, pick a way to actually DO SOMETHING. Find a charity, map out a new program, support a new idea- yanno, fucking DO something.

Say,"Every dollar donated to my campaign will go to the (projects sponsored)."

The entire campaign season will be devoted to thinking up shit to do that actually does something to make the country better, not one yard sign or nausea-inducing attack ad will pollute the entire place for months on end- by the election not only will we know who can get the most done, but no matter who wins...shit will already be better.

I'd donate to that.

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