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Sunday, May 20, 2012

It Only Feels Like I'm Stuck to My Chair

It's 6:17pm and I'm still in my jammies.

Other than feeding the animals (humans, too) breakfast and lunch, all I've done all day is write or tend to things about writing.

I wrote an article for, where I have a standing "gig" for a once a month or so article.

I took an "official author" photo of Joey- whose books are selling like hotcakes on Amazon and both he and Molly look fabulous.

I compiled and read-for-time 6 pieces for the Homestead Radio Show out of California where I do a repeating "Last Word" segment.

I did up an Author page for Facebook to try to nudge folks towards buying my books

Now I'm taking a break to blog.

And then I'll help Ward feed critters and work a bit in the garden before grilling out burgers for dinner.

I'm considering an after dinner excercise of trying to figure out the Amazon self-publishing format so I can upload "Easterchicks Gone Bad" piece by piece from Word before bed time.

But I don't know if I'll be that brave. The rest of the day has gone pretty well.

And for damn sure I'm not getting out of my jammies.

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  1. *I did it- "Easterchicks Gone Bad" should be up on Amazon tomorrow :)