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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rest In Peace, Marlisse and Family

So they're finally letting that poor woman die in peace. The pregnant one. The one who would've died weeks ago if not for the fact that she was pregnant and the pro-lifers all had a big ol' snit fit because THE BABY!!!

First of all 'the baby' was 14 weeks from being an egg and a cell at the time of the mother's collapse from an embolism. There's no way he/she would've survived outside the mother.

Now, at 23 weeks, tests have determined that the baby has grave deformities- lower extremities, heart, water on the brain...and would not survive to term.

This wasn't a case of the family hoping beyond hope that 'a miracle' would happen and Marlisse (the mother) would suddenly get better...from being brain dead. The family wanted her removed from life support weeks ago. The family had to hire an attorney to fight for their right to do what Marlisse and her husband had talked about if either one of them were in a state of non-viability- a death that's quick and dignified.

The Pro-Lifers decided they wanted none of that and denied the Munoz family any control over their own lives.

Here's my question to you, Pro-Lifers-

Ya'll are also generally very anti-government intrusion- you want to be left alone and FREE to make your own individual choices. Does something about this scenario not smack of the very opposite of that to you? Anything? Seriously?

Also- I have had actual conversations with pro-lifers and asked, "What if your daughter were pregnant and for whatever reason it was determined that unless her pregnancy were terminated she would DIE? Whose life would you choose?"

Without pause, they answer that they would pray about it with their daughter but they would LET GOD DECIDE.


Seems to me that God decided two months ago that Marlisse and her unborn baby should be in heaven.

And you assholes decided you knew better.

Shame on you. May your God have mercy on your souls.

Because I don't.

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