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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sheri is Temporarily Out- Please Enjoy This Awesome Book While She's Gone

The next four weeks are gonna be brutal, ya'll.

We are headed to San Antonio on Wednesday and will be home Monday- I'll be collecting 25ish hours of Veterinary Management Continuing Education while the boys lounge around the pool, stroll the Riverwalk and Remember the Alamo.

The weekend after we'll spend the night in Denton after co-op so the Boy can run with his herd and mommy and daddy listen to some live music whilst raising a glass or two.

Then it's off to Missouri from Thursday till Monday for our family reunion. Oh, not blood family- the ones we REALLY love and get along with...ya'll know who you are.

Finally, to Houston for some regularly scheduled appointments- Boy is staying home for that one so it'll be just Gomez and me alone from Sunday till Tuesday. That will be sweet.

*Re-reading that, our next four weeks will not be brutally brutal- like when awful shit keeps jumping out at you and you just can't escape it and stabbing yourself with a rusty spork seems like sweet realease- we'll be seeing people we love and going places we want to but having it all back to back...DAMN*

In between of course are the regular day to days of work, tending the critters and trying to pay enough attention to everyone I love and failing miserably.

School is manageable so far...but I'm sure that'll catch up with me soon enough. I did have the foresight to work as far ahead in assisgnments as I could this past weekend, since weekends are when I have time to do school and weekends are when I'll be gone but that still leaves me with the in-person class on Tuesdays and the accounting class that posts assignments week to week and three exams all during that time frame.

What I'm trying to say is since deciding to go back to school, my dedication to The Blog has become sketchy at best, abysmal at worst.

So know that I love ya'll, and it's totally not's me.

In the meanwhile, here's a touching, funny, irreverent book by a thoughtful, funny and irreverent young woman named Annah.

If you were a semi-wild young thing (as I was myself a million years ago), if you believe in true love and other sappy shit, and if you like to laugh at sometimes horrible things, this is what you're looking for.

But be warned- once you start it, you will have to finish it in one sitting- no getting up from the table till you're done with "Heartbreak for Dinner".

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