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Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear Romney Voter,

If your argument against Obama starts with "He's a Muslim" you need to grow a pair and just say "I'm not voting for the nigger"."

Your ignorance of the Constitution (which states that religion DOESN'T MATTER, is to have NO bearing on writing the laws of our land and that even if he IS Muslim- it's not against any freaking law- NONE) and your cowardice in stating your real reasons are equally unappealing.

Give me real, accurate reasons you prefer Romney over Obama to be the leader of our nation based on real, accurate facts or shut the fuck up.

To say, "He promised to fix the economy in 3 years and hasn't" is to completely disavow Romney stating, "No one can fix the economy in 4 years, but I can do it in 8 to 10 years".

To say, "He's all about class warfare" is to completely ignore Romney's "47% of America will never take responsibility for their own lives" comment.

Continuing to use the Muslim/Kenyan/Socialist/Marxist line is infantile and you're just really embarrassing yourselves.

So, yes. Please stop saying, "I'm not racist- this has nothing to do with him being black- some of my best friends are black", and just get your "Don't Re-Nig in 2012" bumper sticker and your "Put the White back into the White House" t-shirt and be done with it. Own your ignorance and your intolerance and your irrational fear-based hatred of anything different than yourselves and wear it proud so the rest of us can see you for what you are.

I'm not going to tell you to "GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY" if you don't believe the way I do- like most of your posts tell me when I calmly point out the inaccuracies of your statements, because it's your right to be infantile and embarrassing, and this is MY country, too- I know you hate being reminded of that.

Just as you hate being reminded that "Obamacare" is really just "Romneycare" and that's the real reason Republicans had nothing they'd replace it with- it's their own damn plan.

Just as you hate being reminded that the there are 2 main candidates running, only one is Christian, and it ain't Romney.

Just as you hate being reminded (and I hate acknowledging) that Obama's more of a warhawk than Bush was...oh. And that whole binLaden thing.

I DO have conservative friends and family who have thought things through and believe that Romney is the best choice based on what they think is important, and I respect that.

I respect without agreeing when faced with a thoughtful and intelligent argument for Romney. Oddly enough, not ONE of these people has ever once hollered "SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE". They all believe that our current president is an American, and a Christian, and loves his country- and he's not in any way Hitler or Stalin. They don't think he's turning America into a 3rd world country or a communist hellhole. They just like their guy's ideas of what we need to do next better. Period.

Come Wednesday, if Romney is the winner I will NEVER EVER say "He's not MY president" because he will be.

The most I'll do if things take a turn for the worse due to Romney-nomics and you lament how badly your life is going, will be to remind you that you should not blame ME- I didn't vote for Romney.

I will continue to fight hard for the things I hold dear- healthcare, women's rights, gay rights, rights of veterans, senior citizens and children. No matter who sits in the White House I will continue to fight for all of these, because only by raising our voices will those in power even know we're here...and that we care...and are, in fact paying very close attention.

No matter who MY president is, this is MY country- as it is your country.

Our country is more divided now than it's been in my memory- will we be able to come together after this election to work towards something that even remotely resembles a country of the people, by the people and for the people? ALL the people? Even American citizens who worship, look and live differently than you do? Really?

I think 2 things will have to happen for this to become a reality.

Please, turn off FOX News. It's not news. It's propaganda meant for the express purpose of scaring you and diverting you with bullshit conspiracy theories.
I'm sorry.

Rush Limbaugh? Hannity? Beck? Need to be medicated heavily. They're all stark raving insane power-hungry pieces of pathetic humanity who are paid royally by their keepers to get you all worked up and voting exactly opposite of your best interests.
I'm sorry.

You see, Romney Voter- I have faith in you. I know you love America. I know you're not stupid. I know you work hard and are afraid that everything and everyone you're working to support and sustain will be snatched away from you.

I know you think I'm a soft squishy treehugging socialist patchouli-smelling hippie. You're right.

But I'm also angry. I'm angry at the corporations who own FOX News and those talk-show hosts who have so successfully mislead you into fearing our current president not because of anything real, but because of bullshit things like birth certificates and the proof that he's coming for all your guns being that he has enacted exactly ZERO gun control laws.

When you walk into the voting booth, think of the actual things you like about Mitt Romney- in detail. If the only reason you're voting for Mitt Romney is "because he's not Obama", I never want to hear you say it's not about race again.

24 hours. See you on the other side.


liberal, progressive, non-church-going AMERICAN

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