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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sorry, Wrong Number

Ever get a wrong number?

The phone rings, and someone says, "Hi- Steve?" and you say, "I'm sorry, there's no Steve here- you must have dialed the wrong number".

They say, "Isn't this 123-456-7890?" and you say, "I'm sorry- no it isn't".

Then they apologize and everyone hangs up.

Ever get a wrong TEXT?

Not like, "Oh, hell- I just meant to text what an unreasonable doofus the boss is being to a co-worker and inadvertently sent it to...THE BOSS" (which I actually have done- good thing the boss has an excellent sense of humor AND realizes when he's being an unreasonable doofus).

But an actual, "I don't recognize this number" wrong text.

I did, just yesterday.

Here it is, along with explanations of why it just seemed a

Them- "Come up to the field and play football".

This is hilarious because my athletic abilities are several levels below non-existent AND I'm a pear-shaped 52 year old.

Me- "Surely you have the wrong number lol"

Them- "Lol no I don't".

I suspected this was my son Jordan on someone else's phone. There was a time when we both worked at the same clinic and during lunch hour everyone would hightail it out to play an informal game of softball. By request, I was always given the very important but definitely non-running, non-batting, non-catching role of "Base".

Me- "What? Ya'll short a goal post???"

Sound of crickets from the other party...

Today I texted Jordan on HIS phone, asking if he sent me the above. He denied any knowledge of it, so I forwarded the above conversation to him.

He's still laughing.

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