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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

We were super busy today.

Cleaned the guinea pig house, did laundry, re-did the floor in Alec's shower (that involved me mixing several batches of cement while Alec laid the rocks), I managed to take a little walk after putting the pork roast in the oven and before helping Edna write out her bills, and now after a good dinner I'm writing.

Oh. And I cut Joey's hair.

Speaking of Joey...

...Sometime after Tractor Supply closed, we realized we'd forgotten to go get dog food. No matter- Joe uses the same kind as we do. So I sent Joe a text.

Me- "Hey- could we please borrow some dog food?"

Joe- "Sure"

Me- "Thanks :)"

Joe- "I'll be getting some tomorrow and I'll get you some too"

Me- "Thanks :)"

Joe's a good guy. Joe went right outside with a brown paper sack from Fresh and filled it halfway up with dog food, then put it on a big box on the porch. Joe does not normally HAVE paper sacks from Fresh, but he'd bought his mom some candy there for Valentine's Day. See? Joe's a good guy.

I scrounged around the pantry for something to carry dog food in, looking for a plastic sack that didn't have holes in it. I decided instead to carry it home in...a brown paper sack from Fresh.

I walked next door (all 50 feet away) and onto Joe's porch. I saw the bag full of food.

Joe was nowhere in sight. Joe was "indisposed".

I looked at Joe's Fresh sack full of food and then at MY empty Fresh sack.

When God gives you such a direct and obvious gift it's a sin to not take it and run.

With only the slightest twinge of "Golly this is an awful thing to do to such a good guy", I took the sack of food and replaced it carefully with the empty sack- open and setting the exact same way as the other one had been and hightailed it back to my house where I texted

"I'll come get it in a minute :)"

To which he replied

"OK :)"

Cheerfully I went over to the barn to help Ward feed and told him what I'd done, prefacing it with "Gomez- I'm going straight to hell, but it was so worth it".

Gomez agreed on both counts.

Later, after the truth was out, I was talking to Joe on chat.

Joe- "I guess you told Ward about what you did"

Me- "Duh"

Joe- "So, is it on Facebook yet?"

Me- "Of course not"

Joe- "When will you tell the whole world of Facebook?"

Me- "Nevah"

And I won't, either. Because I'm just that sorta sensitive and trustworthy person.

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