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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dr. Dictator Paul- Makes Me Feel All Warm Inside- Wait, That's Just Nausea...

(be patient- I'm typing on my phone again because Alec gave the entire family the stomach flu for Christmas)

Here's what I'd like to know from the Ron Paul zealots-

How the Sam hell would that crazy little bedbug manage to make good on even a 100th of what he's squawking about?

Because according to the Word of Ron Paul, lapped up like liquid manna by his rabid followers, a Ron Paul presidency WOULD bring us-

-ending the war on drugs- make it all legal
-ending the Fed
-ending the "entitlement programs"
-giving big business full protection and support
-giving people full freedom of choice, unless you're female or gay (which doesn't even make him Libertarian, but whatever)
-hauling all our troops home

I'm not saying a few of those aren't damn good ideas, but it's a very ambitious list, in a deluded "I can reach the moon and serve it up on crackers" sort of way.

Yanno the last time I heard and saw such fervent promising was during Barack Obama's campaign- and yes I believed him and yes I voted for him.

Yanno why?

Because done correctly and with the strength of conviction, that stuff could've really happened.

On accounta he had (presumedly) the backing of his party. The only obstruction he should've faced was the Republicans.

What happened was he caved- made deals with the devils and the devils screwed him (I coulda told him how that was gonna go). Top that off with the infusion of the batshit crazy tea party electees who don't give a rat's ass about anything other than getting Obama out of office so would vote to make the National Lunchmeat baby bunny bologna if Obama voted against it and you get what we got now- a fucking mess.

But I digress...

My point is, Obama took office with his party behind him.

Both parties (and most voters) think Ron Paul is an odd little man who wants to be dictator, not president.

I can say that because without substantial support from at least ONE party, the only way he'll be able to do even one of his sweeping promises is by literally taking over the country and hamstringing both House and Senate- to become dictator of the steaming pile of shit he envisions turning this country into.

I'd just as soon that doesn't happen, thanks anyway, Paulbots.


  1. I feel like an infestation that crawled up yer ass and festered.. Almost honoured that I made you so riled that all you could think of was Ron Paul. But your point is much of what I said, your post addresses the impotence of a president that had sweeping support, controlled by his puppet masters and a list of options that Jim Henson would be proud to take credit for. Unfortunately Jim Henson isn't at the strings. At the strings of the list of candidates are those who would like to see the world population reduced by 90%. People who have already built and staffed FEMA camps to lock up any citizen who speaks against them. Eliminated free speech of the media substituting in its place propaganda aimed at putting the public to sleep rather than investigating news. The air we breath and the soil under our feet are so contaminated with aluminum,barium and magnesium we're recording increased levels 5000% across the globe, still chemtrails and geoengineering are denied. The government colludes with big pharma to discredit and eliminate any form of medicine contrary to their pills. They lock up people who smoke dope, unless they win Olympic medals because dope is bad and have yet to send one investment banker, that knowingly screwed the US people out of 3 trillion dollars and caused the loss of savings of millions of people around the globe to trial, let alone jail. The FED shipped 363 tonnes of U.S. cash (at once) into Iraq during a war and no one had to answer for it. The food you get is toxic, there's fetal parts in cosmetics, fluoride in your water and truth is no where to be found. Your economy is so bad, the Mexican's don't even want in any more. America is the most hated nation on the planet and the empire that has been built by bullying any nation with resources is on the verge of collapse. You've raised your debt limit now, not once, but twice and are printing more paper money now than ever before, which will be the inflationary collapse of the monetary system it's trying to save. America isn't even invited to global financial meetings anymore. The U.S. dollars is going to be replaced by the "Bankor" as the world standard and "When" it happens your dollar will tank, you won't be able to buy oil or commodities with the worthless paper money in circulation. That will be the start of the end. That is the PLAN!!! The depression wasn't by chance, it was planned and executed by the same baron families that caused the 2008 crash. Rothchild, Rockerfeller, J.P. Morgan's. The players haven't changed, hell the playbook hasn't changed, read your history and just change the dates to today. I'm certain that at the rate of decline of America, its ridiculous debt that it can no longer service, the rise of other superpowers that without real change, substantial change, a change in economics and foreign policy that you will look back and wish you had a steaming pile of shit to call America. No country can fall so far, so fast without it being intentional. If they can then the leaders of such a country must be so inept it borders criminal. As Americans are no different than any other culture in desire and intelligence I have a hard time believing the later. I'm a Ron Paul zealot and proud to say it. He's the only candidate I have EVER heard address the problems and not the symptoms and promise action. You post addresses the inadequacies of previous administrations but does only what the corporately run media does so well, bashes a man who has ideals to uphold the constitution. You don't know how he's going to do it so you dismiss the ambition as folly. Everything in this world is possible if you have the courage to try and be honest with your failures. What will be accomplished by never trying. You hand what little is left of America to the greed mongers who care only of their power. The people have no part of their equation except to be eliminated. (See article 21).

  2. I find it unfathomable that Ron Paul could not get support to end the FED.

  3. Nice to see you, Grant :)
    You missed my point completely, I'm afraid.
    My point is that until the rules change to make the corporations accountable and moral, through regulation- it won't matter WHO is POTUS- there is no way Dr. Paul can do all that without the support of the House and Senate- I don't care what he says or what you want to believe.
    There ARE people who are trying to change that- Bernie Sanders has written an amendment overturning the 'corporations are people' ruling and Elizabeth Warren WILL fight for the middle class against the banks.
    Those 2 will do much of what needs done because they are experienced and capable and will doggedly work for the changes that need to be made that will allow the system to work again, not promise a whole bunch shit they know damn well they can't deliver without truly destroying the nation.

  4. I don't know who RP surrounds himself with, but it would be my belief that he would be far more open to these ideals than the other neophytes running. The "Corporations are people is criminal and dangerous" and I too believe the banks need to have their tentacles reigned in. As neither of them are running this time around, who will be the most likely to unite with them? It certainly isn't that prick Perry. Hell, he wants to force boys to get cervical vaccines?

  5. I don't think you can change the rules to make corporations more accountable, that's socialism. Under the existing system, one that has been very carefully crafted to the benefit of said corporations, competition has been virtually eliminated. Governed out. It's rigged. Bought and paid for. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for support for more legislation, it's un-American and that's how it will be sold. Besides more regulation equals bigger government and in the state of affairs you have, you can't afford what you have now.

  6. RP says equal competition, for health that means vitamins and cannabis. Alternate medicine and freedom of the press to publish the lies of big pharma and their spokesman the WHO.

  7. What about Iran? What's your take on it. What about Libya, or Iraq. What happened in Rwanda, millions slaughtered and no involvement?

  8. My point is that both Bernie and (very soon) Elizabeth ARE in positions to do what they know is right- as senators with the backing of the voters and their parties- a Ron Paul presidency would do little more than to further damage our already weak and fragile middle/lower classes AND guarantee a House/Senate even more dysfunctional than what we currently have.

  9. I'm sorry, Grant- you still haven't told me by what magical process Dr. Paul will be able to go riding into DC and miraculously accomplish all his bold promises.

    Here's what I think. I think Occupy is raising awareness, and I think people are (finally) starting to see what's happened and get pissed about it. I think people ARE starting to see the facepalm of their "keep your government hands off my Medicare" signs and that there is such a thing as a good blend of socialism and democracy that's a hell of a better option than the unregulated capitalism we're under now.

    I think we CAN change things for the better, but setting out our weakest members on ice floes and preaching social Darwinism is not the answer.

  10. I guess we all have some wishful thinking going on. Do you believe that ending the FED will be bad for your economy?

  11. Rather than focus on ALL the promises, why not focus on one? The priority has to be either the FED, or decriminalization. The end of global policing has to be somewhere there too. Don't ya think that as one hurdle is achieved, the others become easier.

  12. Weakest members on ice floes and social Darwinism, that sounds more like fear mongering than discussion. You believe the House and senate will allow your fantasmical fears? Really? It sounds like a fight that would take too much time to really be worth it.

  13. What is being promoted for health care, by Dr. Paul, is death to the weak and poor. That's the truth.
    Every time he says "that's what freedom is about- making choices and living with the consequences" he is advocating death to people whose only 'bad choices' are being born with bad genes or into a low social class. That's the truth.
    It's not fear-mongering if you know it to be true- this is not stuff we "seen on tv", this has been our life experience.

  14. Ron Paul has caused your life experiences more over than the past 30 years of pharma lobbying. I want to know more.

  15. The weak and poor are dying in America today, hell even the insured middle class are being let to die by the insurance companies.

  16. Grant, what exactly is Ron Paul suggesting in the area of health care that will IMPROVE things for those who can't afford thousands of dollars a year just for premiums? I understand exposing/taking power from big pharma and opening up natural options but that MUST go hand in hand with providing true universal health care or it's still out of reach of most people.
    You've accused me of fear-mongering and being argumentative when almost everything you've written is straight from a Ron Paul propaganda flyer.
    There ARE other options that will fix America without killing any more Americans.
    Please put down the Word According to Paul and read some things by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Hedges, Robert Reich.
    And keep in mind that there are 2 branches of the government plus the supreme court along with the white house- even if our options for POTUS (all of them) are bleak, 'just' being president does not mean you have any more power than the others- that's the checks/balances of the system to make damn sure no one can go in and "clean house" for good OR bad.
    What we need to do is learn from the mistakes that were made in letting the linguists buy laws to protect themselves and letting the Tea Party and Dominionists gain seats enough in any branch to allow this mess- merely electing a wildly unpopular man into the White House will do nothing- cleaning up our House, Senate and Supreme Court are things that will make a real difference.
    I'm not brainwashed or apathetic or ignorant- but I've dealt with enough obstacles in my life to know that if choices A, B and C are all horrible, you may need to ignore that route altogether and find a different way to fix something.

  17. Hahaha- linguists should read lobbyists- I hope you know I've been typing all this on my phone cuz I'm still sick in bed...

  18. Sorry to hear you're still not well. If there are so many branches designed to protect the people from this demon you call Dr. Paul why are you so adamant that he will waste his energy trying to kill all low income Americans. As a physician, it seems the least likely thing he would prioritize. Frankly it's crazy talk. Hate obsessed crazy talk and considering how bad the system is now without him being POTUS, or supreme ruler, it's fear mongering. You have yet to explain any of the questions I've asked regarding Dr. Pauls' supposed obsession for killing low income Americans or foreign policy. As for your facebook post re: Michael Moore's removing money from government it's long overdue. I sound like a Ron Paul flyer and you sound like Fox News. So I suggest we disagree. I hope the election goes well and the band of merry thieves that get into power don't continue to rape main street around the globe and promote illegal acts of aggression against sovereign nations because it affects us. Economic instability has reduced our sales/income $20,000-$40,000 for each of the past 2 years and this one is worse than the last. This affects our kids and our choices so please don't think everything where you are is just A-OK, it's not. Your good for themselves politicians are F-ing up the global economy and the free world and it isn't by chance. So if you have no ambition to remove them because you're scared of change and don't have enough confidence in the checks and balance in the US political system to believe the people won't be protected so be it. I guess you may have a point about the system, tyranny reigns supreme without RP but I guess that's OK, better tyranny than Liberty. The devil you know eh.

  19. Well written post Sheri even if you are ill! The cult of RP seems content to ignore the rights and freedoms he's completely okay stripping from certain segments of society so long as he feeds their dystopian wet dream where only the strong (and well-armed) survive. I'm a bit under the weather as well so sending you jujus for a speedy recovery.

  20. Thank you dear- I'm actually speechless by Grant completely ignoring absolutely everything I actually said- like he just picked up key words to base a new rant on. None of his replies are discussions, they're preaching straight from the Ron Paul/One World Order playbooks. I especially like the part where he says I sound just like FOX News. Apparently he's never seen it, and that was proof that he didn't read a single sentence I've written- here or anywhere else.
    Hope you feel better too- I made the mistake of trying to do too much yesterday and crashed/burned from about 5pm till just now...

  21. Sheri, I have read all your sentences. I have yet for you to show me any proof that your notions relate to RP. My opinions of what happens when competition is allowed rather than the existing monopoly system you have today does read like it came from a RP website. The amazing part of that is that until this morning spurred by your insistence of RP's policy on health, I didn't even read his website. But with your prodding this morning I did, and guess what, my formulation of logic matched his. I think the key word is logic rather than me following blindly blah, blah, blah. Maybe that's why he has a following, he makes sense. Have you seen the latest "Black" man to herald his praise for the help he received from RP. Apparently he and his white wife couldn't get anyone to help with the delivery of their child in a racist America. Who delivered the child? You'll hate this...Ron Paul. The child was stillborn due to complications. Who picked up the tab for the delivery and subsuquent surgery that this underclass black man and his white wife needed.......Oh yeah, Ron Paul. Ouch. So here is validation in real practice of what I'm stating....where's yours? Or am I ranting again?

  22. Grant, I'm not going to go back and forth about this anymore- what did you expect his website to say?
    This sums it up perfectly for me-,-says-Ron-Paul-Boss-cant-keep-his-hands-off-you-Switch-jobs,-says-Ron-Paul

  23. Sorry about the wonky link, I'm still on my phone- cut/paste to the rescue...

  24. For a real exposure on AIDS see house of numbers. Great Documentary.