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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Protest on Wall St.???

"The Mainstream Media is so biased- it's all liberal bullshit- the only place BRAVE enough to cover the TRUTH is FOX News".

I've swallowed the bile that phrase elicits more times than I can count- and it may in fact be the reason I'm getting an ulcer.

Yes. The Mainstream Media is so liberal it doesn't show this-

And FOX News is SO BRAVE it doesn't cover this-!

Those aren't Egypt or London or Greece or Libya. That's right now in the good old US of A.

Peaceful protesters- unarmed and nonthreatening and brandishing not one sign inciting violence and the only people "carrying" are the police- an estimated one fully riot-geared 'peace officer' for every TWO protesters- a great number of them women, children, elderly, students.

What the hell are they afraid of? Getting patchouli all over themselves?

That fucking bronze bull has a 24 hour arm-linked bodyguard.

Occupy Wall St.

That's all.

Occupy Wall St.- the site of the financial rape and literal plunder of millions of Americans by the few, the uber-wealthy, the Original Randians- is the attempt to remind those making the "difficult and sad but it's just business" calls that render people homeless, jobless and foodless that ummm...we're here.

We're here and we're people and we're tired of getting jacked around by the 1% of the people who clutch most of the money and line their pockets with the souls of politicians.

That the filthy rich didn't just spring fully formed and handsomely endowed from god's tears of joy- they (or their fathers or grandfathers) climbed to the top of the financial food chain on the backs of a whole shitload of us.

Social Darwinism + Cognitive Dissonance = the whole "Survival of the Fittest" bullshit line that is squawked by all the old Tea Partiers in their hova-rounds living on SS Disability who fail to realize that THEY are the "unfit" ones- their beloved Republican candidates promise that they are going to do everything to "clean out the debris" from the government dole and the people in the audience CHEER- they cheer for their own incomes to be yanked out from under themselves and they cheer.

Just as they cheered at the happy thought that a young man without insurance be left to die in an emergency room because according to the carefully worded scenario he may not DESERVE to live- he made bad life choices and if he dies, he dies- thank GOD he'd have that happy FREEDOM of choice and not live in one of those socialist places that treat EVERYONE yanno...equally.

And when it's their son? When it's THEIR son who lost his job and lost his insurance and can't afford to buy insurance AND feed their grandchildren? Will they cackle then? SCREAM for blood and death and "nothing personal son, but sometimes yer the windshield and sometimes yer the bug"?

What's the matter with people? How can they listen to all the blatant "Fuck the poor and non-Christian and non-hetero people- the RICH are the JOB MAKERS" bullshit? And why the hell are they cheering like Romans in the Colosseum at the thought of Rick Perry murdering innocent people and uninsured people dying?

*ahem* Sorry. Got off track for a sec...

So Wall St. is being occupied and it's not on the regular TV. You need to go to the cable channels like LINK or Al Jazeera or to YouTube to see it- to see what's happening in our own country and under our own noses.

And the people who watch FOX News and attend their Tea Party meetings and warn that Obama is a Socialist Fascist Marxist Communist Kenyan who will turn our country into one of those countries where the public is only shown and told what Big Brother wants us to know?

Too late, assholes- unarmed women are getting maced on Wall St. but it's not on FOX News so it can't be happening. Ya'll just keep on tryin' to Pray Away the Gay, and telling women to be submissive, and shitting all over the 1st Amendment while holding the 2nd Amendment as more holy than the bible...because Big Brother told you it's what God wants you to do.

Anyone got a spare welding torch? There's a big bronze bull on Wall St. who'd look MUCH better as a big bronze steer...I'd hand deliver what I cut off to our President- he can use 'em to flog some Congressmen...

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  1. he certainly could use 'em.

    I'm headed over to check out yourlinks, I have a feeling that I'll be a little riled up and have to take a valium...yanno.