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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Closing the Barn Door After the Cats are Out of the Bag

So the oil keeps belching up from the bottom of the ocean, and there's no shortage of fingers to point and blame to lay.

And everyone is demanding that everyone else DO SOMETHING, FIX IT, STOP IT.

But here's the thing- the thing that's so horrible no one's said it out loud.

Maybe we can't. Maybe no one can. Maybe this is un-fixable un-stoppable un-speakably irreversible.

Because people can do alot of things- we're smart, probably too smart, mostly not sensible enough- people as a whole generally know just enough to be dangerous- and there have been very few times that's as obvious as right now.

Do the oil workers know their jobs? Yes- they're good hard-working men and women doing a difficult task every single day. I don't for a minute think the rig workers could have stopped what happened.

And whoever it turns out to be who did allow/ignore/corner cut this mess into being it doesn't change anything- it'll most likely turn out to be one of those unfortunate chain of events that just sorta blew up on them.

And the Gulf.

And, once the ginormous oil amoeba hits the Gulf Stream- the entire planet.

So what we (and by "we" I of course mean...We- everyone on this little blue and green marble called Earth) may be looking at has not so much to do with "Whose fault is it", or "Whose job is it to fix it", but

"What the hell do we do NOW?"

I dunno.

But I think that while we (and by "we" I of course mean BP and our government and pretty much any other government and all their scientists and geologists and smart people) continue to try to find a way to LESSEN the damage and the waste and general decimation of the thing,

our main consciousness, front and center of all our brains, should be that THIS is our new reality. THIS is our new Gulf, and THIS is something we'll have to live around, live with, and live hopefully in spite of.

Because even though people were smart enough and had clever enough tools to drill the well, run the rig and provide the oil barring any accident or Act of Nature, when faced with what we've got now, we're clearly still Puny Humans and it can't be made better.

Will the ocean heal itself? Will Mother Earth rebound yet again? Golly I hope so.

But I suspect it'll happen (or not) despite whatever humans do, not because of.

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  1. Having grown up in that water, I keep thinking of all the folks I knew who made their living in those waters, and how the Gulf was such a part of our lives. An all-the-time hang out spot, tourism jobs, fishing, employment for many people I knew, a good piece of our diet, school field trips and study opportunities, college science departments, research facilities, bird sanctuaries ... it's sick. Truly sick.