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Monday, January 7, 2013

Holy Shit! There Really IS a Slippery Slope!

And all this time I've been chiding and deriding the anti-gun regulation folks and the fundamentalist Christians.

Till it occurred to me, as though slapped with a sack of wet mice, that they are

Yes, folks- you heard it right here, right now. There is, in fact, a slippery slope and we've been on it for many years already.

The 2nd Amendment has been bastardized and we need to take it back. It was put there because we were to never have a standing army- the citizens were to be TRAINED as a militia so the government could call them up to fight FOR the government to protect our borders.

Somehow, about 50 years ago, the NRA went from being a hunter support group to making a devil's deal with the gun manufacturers to supply them with a consumer base. The lobbyists invaded DC and bought the politicians and the judges and the NRA did the rest.

Before that there was never even a word about the 2nd Amendment in their monthly magazine and the NRA is on record as being relatively PRO-regulation.

So here's where we went wrong, America- at the first inkling of the gross misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment, America should've said


*Note the gun joke. Just wanted to make sure ya'll got that since I thought it was pretty clever.

But, no.

We let the camel's nose under the tent and now the camel has not only upended the tent but he's shit and pissed all over it.

And you can't get the smell of camel piss out of stuff. Trust me.

And speaking of camel piss, how about that Joe McCarthy?

Joe McCarthy got all of America's knickers in a knot about the Red Commie Scare back in the '50's. Suddenly it was of vital importance to make it abundantly clear that America was not Communist.

Because so many people were confused about that.

Or something.

And what ONE THING separated us from the godless Commies?


No. Wait.


Yes, God with a capital G.

So ol' Joe made damn sure that God was everywhere- He got added to the pledge even though the Baptist minister who wrote it specifically and purposely left Him out of it, on accounta America does not have a national religion.

It got printed on all our money- replacing "E Pluribus Unum" with "In God We Trust", and if you look around, you'll see how THAT turned out, once we stopped believing that "Out of many, we become One" and shoved the Christian God of the Holy Bible down everyone's throats as they paid for their rent, and food, and beer, and lap dances.

And we even had to adopt "In God We Trust" as our national motto. Even though the 1st Amendment clearly states that we have NO NATIONAL RELIGION.

That was in the '50's. Not the 1750's. The 1950's. Once it became clear that McCarthy was as crazy as a spun cat, all that crap shoulda been scrapped since it was all absolutely counter to the 1st Amendment. All of it.

But no, we went ahead and let that slippery slope slide.

And look where we are now- having presidential candidates standing up and saying they consult God before any decision and that they use the Holy Bible as their guide.

Which is bullshit. Because that's what the Founders spent all that time laboring over hot meals and French wine pounding out a Constitution and Bill of Rights for. If they'da known you were going to toss it all over and use the bible instead, they coulda been back on their huge landholdings, overseeing their slaves and shit.

So I owe all the anti-regulation gun guys and all the fundamentalist Christians a huge apology. My eyes have been opened and I can see the light.

We shoulda slapped ya'll with a rolled up newspaper over half a century ago.

Because this is OUR country, too.

And as of now, ya'll have made a huge fear-mongering hate-filled mess of it that will take decades to recover from.

But we will take America back.

And we won't let you fuck it up again.

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  1. Amen! Preach it sister! You hit the nail right on the head.