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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've Been Thinking...

Those are the three little words my family most fears.

The FOUR most feared words are "I've got an idea".

But right now I'm not in the Idea Mode, just the Thinking Mode.

And I've been thinking about our friend Juli.

Juli is an amazingly beautiful woman in about a thousand ways and on at least that many levels, but I was reading her blog this morning and once again was struck by just how serene this woman is- fundamentally absolutely and shining-like-starlight serene.

She's overcome more shit than a body and lifetime should ever be dealt yet remains loving and kind, optimistic and thankful.

I push my way through life like a banty rooster with rabies, stopping every so often to give something my FULL jumping up and down with spittle gathering at the corners of my mouth fury and then moving on to the next thing, the next foe, the next obstacle. Lemme tell ya. It's exhausting.

And I know I've made verbal and written commitments to be a kinder, gentler version of myself (recently, too- no need to remind me), but now I've got something I can mentally paste to the backs of my eyelids so I can see it during that brief moment when my eyes are closed in concentration and concentrating the madness before the explosion sends verbal shrapnel deep into the feelers of all those around me- WWJD

What Would Juli Do?

Oh, don't worry your pretty heads that I'm gonna get all soft and squishy- I'm gonna have to direct all that venom at SOMEONE and luckily there's plenty of targets around who deserve it.

But not the people I love- be they human or otherwise.

I'd be remiss if I didn't share with ya'll- Juli makes awesome teas and sundries and art that calms the mind and makes the soul smile.

Check her out-

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