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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Reality Looks Like

It's one of those questions better not thought about.

Like "What part of the chicken IS the 'nugget'?" or "Didja ever become consciously aware of your tongue?"

How does the world look through the eyes of someone else?

How does the world look through the eyes of someTHING else?

And how do we know which vision of the world around us is the correct one?

Seriously- how do we know that the colors animals see aren't the true colors of things and it's our human vision that's whacked out?

Bugs have those crazy-quilt refractor kaleidoscope eyes, but maybe there ARE a gazillion of whatever they're looking at and we have completely rudimentary tunnel vision.

When I first started working around horses, I learned that not only do they have one eye on each side of their head, but the messages from one eye don't jive up with what the other eye is sending to the brain- making you an entirely different person to that animal when you walk from one side to the other. And that small area where you're right in front of their nosey? You're INVISIBLE!

And what the hell do cross-eyed cats see?

Even if we all agree that colors, shapes and things visually look the same to all people (except color-blind people), there's still the matter of perception.

What you've been raised around and taught as "normal" affects your perception of everything you see. As will a person's basic makeup and temperament.

Say the word "vacation" and some people see a beach, some the mountains, and some a huge metropolis. They're all correct, depending on whose brain you're looking out of.

Say the words "social drinking" and some people see a fun night on the town or at home with friends bathed in the warm glow of camaraderie, and some people (like me- having had very bad experiences with alcoholics who claimed to be "social drinkers") are slammed with an immediate and violent panic attack. Same scenario, very different response.

Say the word "music" and the possibilities are endless.

Say the words "family dinner" and the snapshot in your mind's eye will depend on your family's cultural background and the culinary talents of your mom (or dad, or whoever is the main cook in your house).

Say the word "home"- Apartment? Subdivision house? Gracious old Victorian? Farmhouse? Condominium? YURT???

So what people are taught as they're growing up, what they see in the world around them, how things add up in their own head forms and gives shape to their own version of the Truth. Which is True for them and those whose raising and life lessons match theirs.

Training + Experience + Conviction = Reality

Here's where it gets weird.

Your Truth may not necessarily be Universal. Because every other culture, group and family thinks and believes just as strongly in their own Truths.

That doesn't cancel out your Truth. They're just different. Not worse. Not better.


Say the word "god"...

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