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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lousy Douser

So this morning our "adopted" son and his sister came over to check out the new house and do some shooting. Not at the house, we've got a big bank o' clay we shoot into for target practice.

Unbeknownst to me, they also brought dousing rods. Now most folks have heard that dousing rods can find water, and that's true. But they can also find pretty much what you concentrate on them to find for you.

Concentration. Focus. Steady mind and heart.

I was doomed from the start.

"Here- which set speaks to you?" Jordan asked me, setting 2 sets of metal rods in my hands. They were all completely silent.

"Ummm...this one?"

I was shown how to ground them, hold them, walk slowly and follow them.

Jordan asked his to find water and they pointed solidly and immediately towards the creek.

Crystal asked hers to find the Alligator Man- a spirit Alec's seen on our place and I've caught just a glimpse of- and hers directed her to where we're building the house (it's ok- he likes us).

I asked mine to find a good meditation spot for me- I've got my special spot down on the creek bank, but it never hurts to ask the Universe for an opinion on such things.

I walked slowly east and the rods instantly (and creepily)crossed over my neck and rested on my shoulders, stopping my progress.

I walked slowly west...same thing.

North? Ditto.

South? *Dang*

Either the best spot for me to meditate is in the middle of our driveway

or the Universe doesn't think much of me.

'Course, why should it? I'm pretty teeny and mostly harmless...

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  1. I used to practice with dousing rods as a kid. They always indicated water when I passed them over the stock tank. It was really cool. I never used them to find my meditation spot. It happens to be on the bedroom floor in front of my dresser. God knows why. I've tried several other places in the house. They just don't work as well. Don't feel bad about the driveway. That's another place I meditate. Right on the concrete in front of my half-ton Dodge pickup. Again . . . God knows why. But it works.


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