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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Day 18% of America Cheered Our Demise- Inauguration 2017

You may have noticed that I haven't said much since the election of our soon-to-be wannabe King of the World by a full and rousing 18% of the registered voters of this country.

Am I not pissed? Of course I am.

Am I not disgusted with the entire shitshow of smug disdainful ignorance he shows every time he opens his clueless, spoiled, entitled piehole? Sure.

I'm not full of "sour grapes" because my "side" lost.

Yes, I voted for Hillary, but remember I was (and still am) a Bernie fan first and foremost.

Of course I've spent a fair amount of time saying, "See what you voted for? Thanks for tanking America, Patriots! Only an imbecile takes the fox out of the henhouse and lets a hawk loose in there and says, "Hey- hawks are birds and chickens are birds. I'm sure the hawk will only have the chickens' welfare at heart! He understands EXACTLY what the chickens need! Let's just give that hawk a chance- don't be a hater till we see what he does!" Spoiler alert- I don't need to wait for it. I know what's coming. And so did you, if you're honest with yourself.

You voted to "drain the swamp" and put the guy in charge who has been FUNDING both sides of the swamp for decades- HE TOLD US THAT AT A DEBATE.

You voted for someone who will work for "the little guy" and put the guy in charge who has be screwing over little guys to the tune of 3,000+ lawsuits and a bogus university his ENTIRE LIFE.

You voted for "financial integrity and acumen" and put the guy in charge who has filed for bankruptcy half a dozen times and refuses to show his tax returns (yes he can release them mid-audit- the IRS said that A YEAR AGO and yes he did say he would release them if he became the NOMINEE and he hasn't). The guy started out rich. You and I? IF we get a chance to own our own business, we have ONE chance because we don't have a rich daddy who will bail us out over and over and over and OVER again when we fuck it up.

You voted to "Make America Great Again" (which has always angered me- it's already pretty great, you pompous, bloated, make-your-crappy-merchandise-in-China-or-Mexico borrow-money-from-foreign-banks asshole) and put the guy in charge who spent his entire campaign telling us which AMERICANS we need to squash- the black ones, the brown ones, the liberal ones, the women ("Treat 'em like shit", "Grab 'em by the pussy", "If she weren't my daughter, I'd be dating her"...) and who cheated on BOTH of his FIRST TWO wives. COME ON. Just...COME ON.

You put in charge the guy who is treating being the leader of OUR NATION like a side gig. He's keeping his businesses. He's not spent one minute learning jack shit about diplomacy or how things actually work in DC and I'm not talking about "the swamp" part, I'm talking about little things like how our Founders set up our nation and the rules and steps of how it's supposed to work. He doesn't care. You have basically said, "I need brain surgery. I think I'll have my auto mechanic do it because he'll use fresh eyes and ideas instead of that stuffy old surgeon who has been indoctrinated with all that book-learnin'!"

You put in charge the guy who is filling his administration with people who want to destroy (not improve on) the very things they will be in charge of.

And the GOP will LOVE it until they push thru all their formerly-thwarted agenda: repeal (and replace with NOTHING- he keeps saying it will be repealed/replaced the same day and even the same HOUR---WITH WHAT??? It took YEARS to put together Obamacare- it's not like ordering a fucking PIZZA for Chrissake) Obamacare, privatizing everything from schools to social security, elimination of Medicare and all social safety net programs, reversal of EVERY civil rights battle we've won (only decades after the rest of the world but HEY, WHATEVER, RIGHT?)...and then they will find a way to impeach his ass because he's CLUELESS as to how anything works up there. He is the useful stooge for the GOP. They will put up with his ridiculous persona and his infantile tweeting and his banty-rooster posturing and his empty yet sincere-sounding promising of things THEY ARE ALREADY TAKING AWAY and then they will dismiss him like the useful tool in a suit that he is.

But that's not what currently worries me.

Inauguration is day after tomorrow and I'm seeing articles about how many security people will be there to "protect" our incoming POTUS. Not just secret service. Military and police and self-proclaimed mercenaries (Bikers 4 Trump) and even "Prayer Warriors" (?) who will protect our incoming POTUS.

What the literal fuck?

What the hell is going to happen Friday?

No other incoming POTUS of any stripe (or color) has had that. And if anyone needed it, from the calls for his death if he won...Obama needed it.

Fun thought exercise- if your guy LOST the popular vote by almost 3 MILLION votes and is so disliked, so vile, to MOST of the American citizens that he needs to be protected by tens of thousands of armed guards on inauguration day and people are going to be PROTESTING his coming into power in marches all over the US including DC---imagine if that were happening anywhere else in the WORLD- the US would be sending troops to protect the CITIZENS from an incoming dictator.

Now imagine that this incoming guy is ONLY lauded worldwide by the leaders of North Korea, Russia and the Philippines and he has denounced his own nation's security and intelligence agencies and press/media and has put in places of power military men and his own relatives after losing the popular vote in his nation by millions of votes.

What would the US do? I mean...normally...

This is a guy who has spent his whole life promoting himself and trying to be the "best rich guy out there". He's not been very good at it. Most of the other rich guys don't like him. The only people who like him are those who can be dazzled by his bullshit. He can't do anything without slapping his damn name on it in huge letters. He's admitted that he doesn't build THINGS- he sells a brand.

The head of the National Guard becomes unemployed in the middle of Friday's ceremony, leaving THAT contingent of armed protectors suddenly leaderless. Every US Ambassador has been told to be out of their office and home and on a plane back to the US Friday (guess only Barron Trump gets the luxury of staying in his school till the year is over), leaving our country with zero ambassadors worldwide.

Putin is his hero. Putin is the richest man in the world and he got there by raping his own nation (legally or quasi-legally or by intimidation, whatever worked...) and TRUMP WANTS THAT. He wants to learn how to do that and he's there now. Right there. With one tiny hand on our national checkbook and the other on the Red Button.

No, my friends, this is not "sour grapes" you're hearing from your FELLOW AMERICANS, it's sheer abject terror at what YOU willingly, knowingly unleashed on OUR nation and our children and old people and marginalized people and FUCK IT anyone who is not so goddamn rich they can just whisk off to one of their OTHER houses in ANOTHER country and live off their OTHER money stashed safely away from the smouldering ruins of what is coming after Donald Fucking Trump is done with his pissing match with Putin over who is the "richest man in the world".

"He's not even sworn in yet- give him a chance. Simmer down. Maybe it'll be great!"

Nope. He TOLD us what he was going to do. His 75 years on this earth SHOWED us who he is. He spent over a year saying things that NONE of you would allow or tolerate from your husbands, brothers, sons, friends...

And you fucking pulled the lever for him.

Tens of thousands of armed guards for the inauguration?

What the hell is going to happen Friday?

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