photo by Sheri Dixon

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lets Let our Senior Citizens Decide the Election...

In case you missed it, here's the Clint Eastwood speech at the RNC. I didn't see it live, and only heard about it till I looked it up just now and my initial reaction was, "DAMN, Clint got old and frail."

It's not a good speech. It rambled and faltered and he stuttered and seemed to get lost in his own head quite a bit. I'm not super-critical, and everyone knows I LOVE senior citizens, but jeebus- he's a professional and polished actor...what the hell?

Anyway- here it is. See for your own self-

Well, I guess we can chalk it up to his age. The whole sorry unkempt, rambling, speaking to the empty chair (supposedly cleverly, but without a smooth delivery that was especially painful) affair.

It's so sad when actors get old. They lose their spark, their vitality, their animation and stamina.

Just a damn shame...

Wait. Looka here-

Here's what I think.

Clint Eastwood, wearing the GOP colors.

Betty White, for the Dems.

Cage match.

She'll skin him alive before he even knows what hit him...


  1. I'd pay to see that! I didn't watch much of his speech as I found it quite disturbing. It was like watching someone have a stroke...I just don't get it. help me to understand.

  2. yes, indeed, that would be a match worth paying to see!