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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What the Hell's a "Snookie"? And Why On Earth Should It Matter?

So the president was on Good Morning America the other day, and Matt Lauer (my anti-favorite) mentioned Snookie in the conversation.

President Obama looked mildly confused and admitted he didn't know who Snookie was.

After the president left the studio, Matt and the other chipper crew members wondered aloud and amongst themselves why the president would say such a thing- that he didn't know who Snookie was- because clearly EVERYONE in America knows who Snookie is. Did Mr. Obama wish to seem "above" the rest of everyday ordinary Americans by denouncing all knowledge of Snookie? Would it take away from his serious, hardworking image to know who Snookie is? Surely there was some political slant to his avowed non-Snookiness.

But what would be the Big Deal if he was merely telling the truth? (Other than he'd be a politician...telling the truth).

The only reason *I* know who (or what) Snookie is is because of Saturday Night Live- where a male actor plays her.

From what I gather, Snookie is a character on some TV "reality show"- I think it's called Jersey Shore(?)

I watch limited television. If it were up to me alone, there would be NO television in our house, but I'm outvoted by 3 boys, so there ya go. I don't pay much attention to 99% of the stuff that spews out of it. I enjoy Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live. Also Southpark. But the rest is pretty much a waste of electricity, technology, and attention span as far as I'm concerned.

If it's true- if the president of the United States truly doesn't know who Snookie is (although I'm sure he's been briefed on it by now to fill in such a horrendous social void), I take that as a Very Good Sign.

It means he's paying attention to things like health care, Wall Street spending, the Gulf Oil Spill, unemployment at home and wars being fought abroad- yanno, those pesky little details that all go with the running of a nation that's currently as sedate and civilized as a five month old airedale terrier- huge, drooly, spastic, unhousebroken and kinda smelly- although the ones I'd like to go after with a rolled up newspaper are the Tea Baggers, the FAUX news crew, Rush Limbaugh and each and everyone who continues to forward completely fabricated hate mail via the interwebs in an effort to undermine any good this administration is doing for a country that's in real trouble- and has been for a good many years.

It means the president of the United States of America is paying attention to reality- not Reality TV.

I'da been more concerned if he HAD known who Snookie is.

But I'm weird that way.

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